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_oslDateTime Struct Reference

#include <time.h>

Public Attributes

sal_uInt32 NanoSeconds
 contains the nanoseconds More...
sal_uInt16 Seconds
 contains the seconds (0-59). More...
sal_uInt16 Minutes
 contains the minutes (0-59). More...
sal_uInt16 Hours
 contains the hour (0-23). More...
sal_uInt16 Day
 is the day of month (1-31). More...
sal_uInt16 DayOfWeek
 is the day of week (0-6 , 0 : Sunday). More...
sal_uInt16 Month
 is the month of year (1-12). More...
sal_Int16 Year
 is the year. More...

Member Data Documentation

sal_uInt16 _oslDateTime::Day

is the day of month (1-31).

sal_uInt16 _oslDateTime::DayOfWeek

is the day of week (0-6 , 0 : Sunday).

sal_uInt16 _oslDateTime::Hours

contains the hour (0-23).

sal_uInt16 _oslDateTime::Minutes

contains the minutes (0-59).

sal_uInt16 _oslDateTime::Month

is the month of year (1-12).

sal_uInt32 _oslDateTime::NanoSeconds

contains the nanoseconds

sal_uInt16 _oslDateTime::Seconds

contains the seconds (0-59).

sal_Int16 _oslDateTime::Year

is the year.

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