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_typelib_EnumTypeDescription Struct Reference

Type description of an enum. More...

#include <typedescription.h>

Public Attributes

typelib_TypeDescription aBase
 inherits all members of typelib_TypeDescription More...
sal_Int32 nDefaultEnumValue
 first value of the enum More...
sal_Int32 nEnumValues
 number of enum values More...
rtl_uString ** ppEnumNames
 names of enum values More...
sal_Int32 * pEnumValues
 values of enum (corresponding to names in similar order) More...

Detailed Description

Type description of an enum.

The type class of this description is typelib_TypeClass_ENUM.

Member Data Documentation

typelib_TypeDescription _typelib_EnumTypeDescription::aBase

inherits all members of typelib_TypeDescription

sal_Int32 _typelib_EnumTypeDescription::nDefaultEnumValue

first value of the enum

sal_Int32 _typelib_EnumTypeDescription::nEnumValues

number of enum values

sal_Int32* _typelib_EnumTypeDescription::pEnumValues

values of enum (corresponding to names in similar order)

rtl_uString** _typelib_EnumTypeDescription::ppEnumNames

names of enum values

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