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cppu::BootstrapException Class Reference

An exception indicating a bootstrap error. More...

#include <bootstrap.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 BootstrapException ()
 Constructs a BootstrapException. More...
 BootstrapException (const ::rtl::OUString &rMessage)
 Constructs a BootstrapException with the specified detail message. More...
 BootstrapException (const BootstrapException &e)
 Copy constructs a BootstrapException. More...
virtual ~BootstrapException ()
 Destructs a BootstrapException. More...
BootstrapExceptionoperator= (const BootstrapException &e)
 Assigns a BootstrapException. More...
const ::rtl::OUStringgetMessage () const
 Gets the message. More...

Detailed Description

An exception indicating a bootstrap error.

UDK 3.2.0

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cppu::BootstrapException::BootstrapException ( )

Constructs a BootstrapException.

cppu::BootstrapException::BootstrapException ( const ::rtl::OUString rMessage)

Constructs a BootstrapException with the specified detail message.

rMessageA message containing any details about the exception.
cppu::BootstrapException::BootstrapException ( const BootstrapException e)

Copy constructs a BootstrapException.

virtual cppu::BootstrapException::~BootstrapException ( )

Destructs a BootstrapException.

Member Function Documentation

const ::rtl::OUString& cppu::BootstrapException::getMessage ( ) const

Gets the message.

A reference to the message. The reference is valid for the lifetime of this BootstrapException.
BootstrapException& cppu::BootstrapException::operator= ( const BootstrapException e)

Assigns a BootstrapException.

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