Class ComponentContextEntry

  • public class ComponentContextEntry
    extends Object
    Component context entry for constructing ComponentContext objects.

    A ComponentContextEntry is separated into a late-init and direct-value purpose. The first one is commonly used for singleton objects of the component context, that are raised on first-time retrieval of the key. You have to pass a or string (=> service name) object for this.

    • Field Detail

      • m_lateInit

        public Object m_lateInit
        if late init of service instance, set service name (String) or component factory (XSingleComponentFactory), null otherwise
      • m_value

        public Object m_value
        set entry value
    • Constructor Detail

      • ComponentContextEntry

        public ComponentContextEntry​(Object lateInit,
                                     Object value)
        Creating a late-init singleton entry component context entry. The second parameter will be ignored and overwritten during instantiation of the singleton instance.
        lateInit - object factory or service string
        value - pass null (dummy separating from second constructor signature)
      • ComponentContextEntry

        public ComponentContextEntry​(Object value)
        Creating a direct value component context entry.
        value - pass null