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ustring.hxx File Reference
#include "sal/config.h"
#include <cassert>
#include <cstddef>
#include <new>
#include <ostream>
#include "rtl/ustring.h"
#include "rtl/string.hxx"
#include "rtl/stringutils.hxx"
#include "rtl/textenc.h"

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class  rtl::OUString
 This String class provides base functionality for C++ like Unicode character array handling. More...
struct  rtl::OUStringHash
 A helper to use OUStrings with hash maps. More...




OUString rtl::OStringToOUString (const OString &rStr, rtl_TextEncoding encoding, sal_uInt32 convertFlags=OSTRING_TO_OUSTRING_CVTFLAGS)
 Convert an OString to an OUString, using a specific text encoding. More...
OString rtl::OUStringToOString (const OUString &rUnicode, rtl_TextEncoding encoding, sal_uInt32 convertFlags=OUSTRING_TO_OSTRING_CVTFLAGS)
 Convert an OUString to an OString, using a specific text encoding. More...
template<typename charT , typename traits >
std::basic_ostream< charT, traits > & rtl::operator<< (std::basic_ostream< charT, traits > &stream, OUString const &rString)
 Support for rtl::OUString in std::ostream (and thus in CPPUNIT_ASSERT or SAL_INFO macros, for example). More...