LibreOffice 5.3 SDK C/C++ API Reference
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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oC_oslFileStatusStructure containing information about files and directories
oC_oslVolumeInfoStructure containing information about volumes
oC_rtl_LocaleThe implementation structure of a locale
oC_rtl_ModuleCountBackwards-compatibility remainder of a removed library unloading feature
oC_rtl_StandardModuleCountBackwards-compatibility remainder of a removed library unloading feature
oC_rtl_TextEncodingInfoInformation about a text encoding
oC_sal_SequenceThis is the binary specification of a SAL sequence
oC_typelib_CompoundMember_InitInit struct of compound members for typelib_typedescription_new()
oC_typelib_CompoundTypeDescriptionType description for exception types
oC_typelib_EnumTypeDescriptionType description of an enum
oC_typelib_IndirectTypeDescriptionType description of a sequence
oC_typelib_InterfaceAttributeTypeDescriptionThe description of an interface attribute
oC_typelib_InterfaceMemberTypeDescriptionCommon base type description of typelib_InterfaceMethodTypeDescription and typelib_InterfaceAttributeTypeDescription
oC_typelib_InterfaceMethodTypeDescriptionType description of an interface method
oC_typelib_InterfaceTypeDescriptionType description of an interface
oC_typelib_MethodParameterDescription of an interface method parameter
oC_typelib_Parameter_InitInit struct of interface methods for typelib_typedescription_new()
oC_typelib_StructMember_InitInit struct of members for typelib_typedescription_newStruct()
oC_typelib_StructTypeDescriptionType description for struct types
oC_typelib_TypeDescriptionFull type description of a type
oC_typelib_TypeDescriptionReferenceHolds a weak reference to a type description
oC_typelib_UikBinary typelib uik struct
oC_uno_AnyThis is the binary specification of an UNO any
oC_uno_EnvironmentThe binary specification of an UNO environment
oC_uno_ExtEnvironmentThe binary specification of an UNO environment supporting interface registration
oC_uno_InterfaceThe binary C uno interface description
oC_uno_MappingThis is the binary specification of a mapping
\Cuno_EnterableA struct pReserved needs to point to, if implementing a purpose environment