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osl Namespace Reference


class  Condition
 Condition variable. More...
class  FileBase
 Base class for all File System specific objects. More...
class  VolumeDevice
 The VolumeDevice class. More...
class  VolumeInfo
 The VolumeInfo class. More...
class  FileStatus
 The FileStatus class. More...
class  File
 The file class object provides access to file contents and attributes. More...
class  DirectoryItem
 The directory item class object provides access to file status information. More...
class  DirectoryCreationObserver
 Base class for observers of directory creation notifications. More...
class  Directory
 The directory class object provides an enumeration of DirectoryItems. More...
class  GetGlobalMutex
 A helper functor for the rtl_Instance template. More...
class  Module
class  Mutex
 A mutual exclusion synchronization object. More...
class  Guard
 Object lifetime scoped mutex object or interface lock. More...
class  ClearableGuard
 Object lifetime scoped mutex object or interface lock with unlock. More...
class  ResettableGuard
 Template for temporary releasable mutex objects and interfaces locks. More...
class  Pipe
 Represents a pipe. More...
class  StreamPipe
 A pipe to send or receive a stream of data. More...
class  Profile
 Deprecated API. More...
class  Security
 Encapsulate security information for one user. More...
class  SocketAddr
 The class should be understood as a reference to a socket address handle (struct sockaddr). More...
class  Socket
class  StreamSocket
class  ConnectorSocket
class  AcceptorSocket
 Allows to accept socket connections. More...
class  DatagramSocket
 A connectionless socket to send and receive datagrams. More...
class  Thread
 A thread abstraction. More...
class  ThreadData


typedef Guard< MutexMutexGuard
typedef ClearableGuard< MutexClearableMutexGuard
typedef ResettableGuard< MutexResettableMutexGuard
typedef oslProfileOption ProfileOption


enum  __osl_socket_NoCopy { SAL_NO_COPY }


void onDirectoryCreated (void *pData, rtl_uString *aDirectoryUrl)
void threadFunc (void *param)
 threadFunc is the function which is executed by the threads created by the osl::Thread class. More...


const int Profile_DEFAULT = osl_Profile_DEFAULT
const int Profile_SYSTEM = osl_Profile_SYSTEM
const int Profile_READLOCK = osl_Profile_READLOCK
const int Profile_WRITELOCK = osl_Profile_WRITELOCK

Typedef Documentation

◆ ClearableMutexGuard

◆ MutexGuard

◆ ProfileOption

◆ ResettableMutexGuard

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ __osl_socket_NoCopy


Function Documentation

◆ onDirectoryCreated()

void osl::onDirectoryCreated ( void *  pData,
rtl_uString *  aDirectoryUrl 

◆ threadFunc()

void osl::threadFunc ( void *  param)

threadFunc is the function which is executed by the threads created by the osl::Thread class.

The thread functions calls the protected functions run and onTerminated.

The function's signature matches the one of oslWorkerFunction which is declared in osl/thread.h

Variable Documentation

◆ Profile_DEFAULT

const int osl::Profile_DEFAULT = osl_Profile_DEFAULT

◆ Profile_READLOCK

const int osl::Profile_READLOCK = osl_Profile_READLOCK

◆ Profile_SYSTEM

const int osl::Profile_SYSTEM = osl_Profile_SYSTEM


const int osl::Profile_WRITELOCK = osl_Profile_WRITELOCK