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rtl::StaticAggregate< T, InitAggregate > Class Template Reference

Helper class for a late-initialized static aggregate, e.g. More...

#include <instance.hxx>

Static Public Member Functions

static T * get ()
 Gets the static aggregate, late-initializing. More...

Detailed Description

template<typename T, typename InitAggregate>
class rtl::StaticAggregate< T, InitAggregate >

Helper class for a late-initialized static aggregate, e.g.

an array, implementing the double-checked locking pattern correctly.

Template Parameters
Taggregate's element type
InitAggregateinitializer functor class

Member Function Documentation

template<typename T, typename InitAggregate>
static T* rtl::StaticAggregate< T, InitAggregate >::get ( )

Gets the static aggregate, late-initializing.

Mutual exclusion is performed using the osl global mutex.


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