LibreOffice 24.2 SDK API Reference
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18  */
21 module com { module sun { module star { module form {
23  published interface XReset;
24  published interface XDatabaseParameterBroadcaster;
26 module component {
36 published service DataForm
37 {
116  [property] sequence<string> MasterFields;
143  [property] sequence<string> DetailFields;
160  [property] boolean AllowInserts;
169  [property] boolean AllowUpdates;
178  [property] boolean AllowDeletes;
179 };
182 }; }; }; }; };
184 /* vim:set shiftwidth=4 softtabstop=4 expandtab: */
sequence< string > MasterFields
is used for subforms and contains the names of columns of the parent form.
Definition: DataForm.idl:104
boolean AllowDeletes
determines if deletions of records of the form are allowed.
Definition: DataForm.idl:178
Definition: Ambiguous.idl:20
provides functionality to reset components to some default values.
Definition: XReset.idl:29
provides the possibility of receiving an event for configuration of parameters.
Definition: XDatabaseParameterBroadcaster.idl:34
boolean AllowUpdates
determines if modifications of the current record of the form are allowed.
Definition: DataForm.idl:169
specifies how the TAB key should be used in a form.
Definition: TabulatorCycle.idl:40
is a client side RowSet, which use retrieves is data based on a database table, a query or a SQL comm...
Definition: RowSet.idl:185
This service specifies a form which is connected to a database and displays the results of SQL querie...
Definition: DataForm.idl:36
com::sun::star::form::TabulatorCycle Cycle
returns the kind of tabulator controlling.
Definition: DataForm.idl:147
provides functionality to implement objects which may be loaded.
Definition: XLoadable.idl:30
This service specifies a form which is a group of FormComponents.
Definition: Form.idl:39
is used for execution where information for execution may be required from the user.
Definition: XCompletedExecution.idl:26
com::sun::star::form::NavigationBarMode NavigationBarMode
determines how a navigation bar for this form should act.
Definition: DataForm.idl:151
sequence< string > DetailFields
is used for subforms and contains the names of the columns of the subform which are related to the ma...
Definition: DataForm.idl:143
boolean AllowInserts
determines if insertions into the form&#39;s row set are allowed.
Definition: DataForm.idl:160
describes in which way the navigation of the records of a database form is performed.
Definition: NavigationBarMode.idl:27