LibreOffice 5.3 SDK API Reference
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Namespace List
Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
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| \NstarModule com::sun::star is the root module of the UNO API
|  oNaccessibilityUNO Accessibility API
|  oNanimationsInterfaces for SMIL animations
|  oNauthSecurity and authenticates interfaces
|  oNawtJava AWT-like user interface toolkit interface specifications for UNO
|  oNbeansJava beans-like property access and introspection
|  oNbridgeInterfaces for building bridges to other component models
|  oNchartCharting diagram interfaces
|  oNchart2New implementation of Charting diagram interfaces
|  oNconfigurationAccess to the tree of configuration data
|  oNconnectionData exchange interfaces for inter-process communication
|  oNcontainerInterfaces for collections and containers
|  oNcuiCommon user interface elements
|  oNdatatransferClipboard and Drag&Drop interfaces
|  oNdeploymentInterfaces for extension management
|  oNdocumentOffice document related interfaces
|  oNdrawingDrawing and shape specific interfaces
|  oNembedInterfaces related to embedded objects, both native UNO and OLE
|  oNformInterfaces for managing forms and controls
|  oNformulaInterfaces for mathematical formulas
|  oNframeDesktop environment framework interfaces
|  oNgalleryInterfaces for galleries of images and media objects
|  oNgeometryInterfaces and data types to deal with basic geometric entities
|  oNgraphicInterfaces for graphic handling
|  oNi18nInterface for internationalization
|  oNimageInterfaces for HTML image maps
|  oNinspectionInterfaces for inspecting UNO objects via property handlers
|  oNioGeneral input/output interfaces
|  oNjavaJava to UNO connectivity interfaces
|  oNlangGeneral UNO concepts like factories etc
|  oNldapLightweight directory access protocol (LDAP)
|  oNlinguistic2Spell checker, hyphenation and thesaurus interfaces
|  oNloaderComponent implementation loader interfaces
|  oNloggingLogging of events
|  oNmailInterfaces for Email connectivity
|  oNmediaMedia type interfaces
|  oNmozillaInterfaces for Mozilla integration
|  oNofficeOffice document content related interfaces
|  oNpackagesPackage file format interfaces
|  oNpluginNetscape-like plugin interfaces
|  oNpresentationPresentation specific interfaces
|  oNqaInterfaces for QA and automated tests
|  oNrdfRDF (Resource Description Framework) and metadata interfaces
|  oNreflectionRuntime object inspection / core reflection interfaces
|  oNregistryInterfaces to access registration databases
|  oNrenderingInterfaces and data structures for rendering
|  oNreportInterfaces for reports generated from data sources
|  oNresourceInterfaces to access (UI) resource files
|  oNscannerInterfaces for scanner control
|  oNscriptScripting language bindings
|  oNsdbBasic interfaces for database access
|  oNsdbcDatabase component interfaces
|  oNsdbcxHigh-level database component interfaces
|  oNsecurityInterface for authorisation and authentification
|  oNsetupSetup specific interfaces
|  oNsheetSpreadsheet specific interfaces
|  oNsmarttagsAllows to put smart tags in document content
|  oNstyleFormatting and layout style and style sheet interfaces
|  oNsvgInterfaces for import/export of Scalable Vector Format
|  oNsystemHost operating system integration interfaces
|  oNtableTable specific interfaces (for text and spreadsheet)
|  oNtaskTask management interfaces
|  oNtextText specific interfaces
|  oNtiledrendering
|  oNucbUniversal Content Broker interfaces
|  oNuiDialogs and other UI elements
|  oNunoBasic UNO interfaces
|  oNuriURI processing
|  oNutilMiscellaneous interfaces for sorting, connecting objects etc
|  oNviewDocument view specific interfaces (e.g. selection access and printing)
|  oNxformsInterfaces for XForms (XML-based forms) implementation
|  oNxmlXML related interfaces
|  \NxsdW3C XML Schema-2 data type related interfaces