LibreOffice 7.3 SDK API Reference
com::sun::star::sheet::ReferenceFlags Constant Group Reference

defines flags for references. More...


const long COLUMN_RELATIVE = 1
 selects a relative column reference. More...
const long COLUMN_DELETED = 2
 marks a deleted column reference. More...
const long ROW_RELATIVE = 4
 selects a relative row reference. More...
const long ROW_DELETED = 8
 marks a deleted row reference. More...
const long SHEET_RELATIVE = 16
 selects a relative sheet reference. More...
const long SHEET_DELETED = 32
 marks a deleted sheet reference. More...
const long SHEET_3D = 64
 selects a 3D sheet reference. More...
const long RELATIVE_NAME = 128
 marks a reference from a relative range name. More...

Detailed Description

defines flags for references.

The values can be combined.

Variable Documentation


const long COLUMN_DELETED = 2

marks a deleted column reference.


const long COLUMN_RELATIVE = 1

selects a relative column reference.


const long RELATIVE_NAME = 128

marks a reference from a relative range name.


const long ROW_DELETED = 8

marks a deleted row reference.


const long ROW_RELATIVE = 4

selects a relative row reference.


const long SHEET_3D = 64

selects a 3D sheet reference.


const long SHEET_DELETED = 32

marks a deleted sheet reference.


const long SHEET_RELATIVE = 16

selects a relative sheet reference.