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oCAccessibleRelationAn AccessibleRelation object defines a one-to-many relation
oCAccessibleTableModelChangeThis structure lets an event give access to a change of a table model
oCActionTriggerDescribes a trigger for an (user inter-)action
oCActionTriggerSeparatorDescribes a separator entry
oCAffineMatrix2DThis structure defines a 2 by 3 affine matrix
oCAffineMatrix3DThis structure defines a 3 by 4 affine matrix
oCAliasProgrammaticPairEntry from a component which implements the XLocalizedAliases
oCAllPermissionThe AllPermission is a permission that implies all other permissions
oCAmbiguous< T >A value of a given type that can be ambiguous
oCAnimationAttributesThis structure contains attributes needed to run an animation
oCARGBColorARGB color quad
oCArrayWrapperAllows an UNO sequence that is passed between different language boundries to indicate it prefers to be represented as a multidimensional array with 0 or 1 based indices
oCAtomClassRequestUsed to describe which atoms the user wants to know about
oCAtomDescriptionString and the corresponding registered atom
oCAttributeA struct to keep information of an element's attribute
oCAttributeDataStore the type and value of an XML attribute inside a XNameContainer
oCBezierPointThis is a point on a Bezier curve
oCBorderLineDescribes the line type for a single cell edge
oCBorderWidthsBorder area by offsets from each side
oCBoundaryStart and end position of a word
oCBoundVolumeThree-dimensional boundary volume with two positions
oCCalendarA calendar as returned in a sequence by XLocaleData::getAllCalendars()
oCCalendar2Calendar items as returned in a sequence by XLocaleData3::getAllCalendars2()
oCCalendarItemOne entry in a calendar, for example, a day of week or a month or an era
oCCameraGeometryThree-dimensional camera
oCCaretThis structure contains the caret information
oCCellAddressCell address within a spreadsheet document
oCCellProtectionDescribes the kind of protection for a protectable cell
oCCellRangeAddressCell range address within a spreadsheet document
oCCertAltNameEntryStruct contains a single entry within a Subject Alternative Name Extension of a X509 certificate
oCCharacterPropertiesThis is a set of properties to describe the style of characters
oCCharacterPropertiesAsianThis is a set of properties to describe the style of characters in Asian texts
oCCharacterPropertiesComplexThis is a set of properties to describe the style of characters in complex texts
oCChartDataRowDescribes a single data row, specified by its name and a sequence of data points
oCChartDataValueDescribes a single data value, including the error
oCChartSeriesAddressThis structure describes a single data row, specified by its name and a sequence of data points
oCChartTableAddressSupplierThis is a helper service for access to table Address to cell ranges of the container document of a chart
oCCheckinArgumentInformation needed to checkin a document
oCClipboardFormatsList of format IDs and names which are part of the system clipboard
oCCmisPropertyCMIS property
oCCmisVersionCMIS document version
oCColorProfileICC Color profile
oCCommandInfoDescribes a command
oCComplexReferenceReference to a cell range
oCConnectionPropertiesProperties for a connection (session) with a specific database
oCConnectorPropertiesThis is a set of properties to describe the style for rendering connector
oCContentInfoA structure for information about contents
oCContentProviderInfoA structure for content provider information
oCContextInformationInformation about a certain stack frame
oCContextMenuExecuteEventAll information about the requested context menu
oCControlCommandDescribes a command which can be send to a generic toolbar control
oCControlEventDescribes a control event send by extended user interface controls
oCCrossReferenceThis struct contains information describing a cross reference
oCCurrencySymbols, names, and attributes of a specific currency, returned in a sequence by XLocaleData::getAllCurrencies()
oCCurrencyUNO representation of the Automation type CY, also know as CURRENCY
oCDataAccessDescriptorDescriptor for accessing basic data access objects
oCDatabaseImportDescriptorDescription of how data from an external database is imported
oCDataFlavorEach instance represents the concept of a data format as it would appear on a clipboard, or during drag and drop
oCDataPilotFieldAutoShowInfoAuto show information of a DataPilotField
oCDataPilotFieldGroupInfoGrouping information of a DataPilotField
oCDataPilotFieldLayoutInfoLayout information of a DataPilotField
oCDataPilotFieldReferenceControls how a data pilot field's results are shown in relation to a selected reference result
oCDataPilotFieldSortInfoDescribes how to sort a single DataPilotField
oCDataPilotTableHeaderDataInformation about a cell within the column or row header area of a DataPilot table
oCDataPilotTablePositionDataThis structure contains information on a cell within a DataPilot table
oCDataPilotTableResultDataInformation about a cell positioned within the result area of a DataPilot table
oCDataResultResult of one element in the data pilot data array
oCDataSettingsExtends the com::sun::star::sdbcx::Table with additional display information, sorting and filtering criteria
oCDateDate value
oCDateUNO representation of the Automation type DATE
oCDateTimeCombined date+time value
oCDateTimeRangeRange of date+time values
oCDateTimeWithTimezoneCombined date+time value with time zone
oCDateWithTimezoneDate value with time zone
oCDDEItemInfoDescribes an item of a DDE connection
oCDDELinkInfoDescribes all items of a DDE connection used in formulas
oCDecimalUNO representation of the Automation type DECIMAL
oCDefaulted< T >A value of a given type that can be defaulted
oCDeviceInfoInformation about a device
oCDirection3D3-dimensional vector
oCDispatchDescriptorDescribes a feature to be retrieved by a URL that has to be loaded into a specified frame
oCDispatchInformationInformation about a supported command
oCDispatchStatementDispatch statement from a recorded macro
oCDockingDataData returned by docking handler
oCDocumentHeaderFieldThis struct contains a name-value pair of a document header (i.e
oCDocumentIndexMarkAsianTextRange which is explicitly marked as an index entry for a DocumentIndex
oCDocumentSignatureInformationStatus of digital signatures in a document
oCDriverPropertyInfoDescribes the driver properties for making a connection
oCDropCapFormatThis struct describes drop caps at a paragraph object
oCElementChangeThis structure describes a single change that is part of a batch of changes
oCElementStackItemA struct to keep a startElement/endElement SAX event
oCEllipticalArcThis structure specifies an arbitrary elliptical arc
oCEmbeddedObjectDescriptorDescribes properties of an embedded object
oCEnhancedCustomShapeAdjustmentValueSingle AdjustmentValue
oCEnhancedCustomShapeExtrusionThis service may be represented by a com::sun::star::beans::PropertyValue []
oCEnhancedCustomShapeGeometryThis service may be represented by a com::sun::star::beans::PropertyValue []
oCEnhancedCustomShapeHandleThis service may be represented by a com::sun::star::beans::PropertyValue []
oCEnhancedCustomShapeParameterSingle value which is used with EnhancedCustomShapes
oCEnhancedCustomShapeParameterPairCoordinates used with EnhancedCustomShapes
oCEnhancedCustomShapePathThis service may be represented by a com::sun::star::beans::PropertyValue []
oCEnhancedCustomShapeTextFrameCoordinates used with EnhancedCustomShapes
oCEnhancedCustomShapeTextPathThis service may be represented by a com::sun::star::beans::PropertyValue []
oCEventEvent has a source that causes an event to be fired and a trigger that defines under which condition an event should be raised and an offset if the event should be raised a defined amount of time after the event is triggered
oCEventDescriptorEvent binding for a document or a document content
oCEventObjectBase for all event objects and identifies the source of the event
oCExceptionBase of all UNO exceptions
oCExportStreamInfoInformation needed to export an object in mbx format (supplying an output stream to export into)
oCExternalLinkInfoDescribes an external link in a formula
oCExternalReferenceData structure to store information about an external reference
oCFastAttributeA struct to keep information of an element's attribute
oCFeatureStateEncapsulates the state of a FormFeature
oCFetchResultData of several rows of a ContentResultSet
oCFilePermissionThis permission represents access to a file or directory
oCFillBitmapThis structure contains all properties of a bitmap when used as FillStyle
oCFillPropertiesThis is a set of properties to describe the style for rendering an area
oCFloatingPointBitmapLayoutThis structure describes the memory layout of a bitmap having floating point color channels
oCFolderListA list of folders
oCFolderListEntryInformation about a single folder in a FolderList
oCFontDescriptorDescribes the characteristics of a font
oCFontHeightDescribes the characteristics of a font
oCFontInfoThis structure provides information about a specific font
oCFontMetricsMetrics global to the font, i.e
oCFontRequestThis structure contains all information necessary to describe a font to be queried from XCanvas
oCFootnoteSettingsAccess to the settings of footnotes or endnotes in a (text) document
oCForbiddenCharactersLocale (mostly CJK) dependent characters that are forbidden at the start or end of a line
oCFormatElementOne number format code and its attributes, returned in a sequence by XLocaleData::getAllFormats()
oCFormulaOpCodeMapEntryMapping from a formula name (function name, operator, ...) to the OpCode used by the formula compiler
oCFormulaPropertiesThe formula properties provide access to the properties of a formula in a formula generator
oCFormulaTokenSingle token within a formula
oCFunctionArgumentDescription of a single argument within a spreadsheet function
oCFunctionDescriptionCollects all properties used to describe a function
oCGetPropertyTolerantResultInformation being retrieved about a single property
oCGlobalTransferCommandArgumentThis struct contains information needed to transfer objects from one location to another
oCGluePointA GluePoint could be attached to a shape or to a page
oCGluePoint2This struct defines the attributes of a glue point
oCGoalResultResult of a goal seek operation
oCGradientDescribes a gradient between two colors
oCGraphicCropDescribes the cropping of graphic objects
oCHatchThis struct defines the appearance of a hatch
oCHomogenMatrixHomogeneous matrix by three homogeneous lines
oCHomogenMatrix3Homogeneous matrix by three homogeneous lines
oCHomogenMatrix4Homogeneous matrix by four homogeneous lines
oCHomogenMatrixLineSingle line for a HomogenMatrix
oCHomogenMatrixLine3Single line for a HomogenMatrix3
oCHomogenMatrixLine4Single line for a HomogenMatrix4
oCHoriOrientationFormatDescribes the horizontal orientation of an object
oCImplementationImplementation name details returned in a sequence by XLocaleData::getCollatorImplementations()
oCIncrementDataAn IncrementData describes how tickmarks are positioned on the scale of an axis
oCInputSourceDatasource plus some additional information for the parser
oCInsertCommandArgumentThe argument for the command "insert"
oCInsertedObjectInfoIntended to provide result of creation of an embedded object by dialog
oCIntegerBezierSegment2DThis structure contains the relevant data for a cubic Bezier curve
oCIntegerBitmapLayoutThis structure describes the memory layout of a bitmap having integer color channels
oCIntegerPoint2DThis structure defines a two-dimensional point
oCIntegerRectangle2DThis structure contains the necessary information for a two-dimensional rectangle
oCIntegerSize2DThis structure contains data representing a two-dimensional size
oCInterpretedDataOffers tooling to interpret different data sources in a structural and chart-type-dependent way
oCInvocationInfoThis struct is used to specify information about object members (methods or properties) accessed via XInvocation, such as names, types, or parameters
oCItemDescriptorDescribes a user interface item that is part of a user interface element
oCItemStatusDescribes a state of a property
oCKeyStrokeDescribes a key stroke for hotkeys etc
oCLanguageCountryInfoThe language and country identifiers and descriptive names of the loaded locale data returned by XLocaleData::getLanguageCountryInfo()
oCLayoutSizeSize used for layouting windows
oCLeftRightMarginLeft and right margin
oCLeftRightMarginScaleLeft and right margin
oCLineBreakHyphenationOptionsHyphenation options passed in calls to XBreakIterator::getLineBreak()
oCLineBreakResultsResults of method XBreakIterator::getLineBreak()
oCLineBreakUserOptionsLine break options passed in calls to XBreakIterator::getLineBreak()
oCLineDashA LineDash defines a non-continuous line
oCLineDescriptorDescribes the appearance of a line representing a single property in an ObjectInspector
oCLineNumberingPropertiesAccess to the settings of the line numbering
oCLinePropertiesThis is a set of properties to describe the style for rendering a Line
oCLineSpacingThis structure is used to specify the height of a text line
oCLinkDefines a link
oCListActionThis struct contains information needed in the notifications of a XDynamicResultSet
oCLocaleObject represents a specific geographical, political, or cultural region
oCLocaleDataItemLocale specific data, for example, separators, quotation marks
oCLocalizedNameA name that is valid for a specified locale
oCLockEntryDefines the types of locks that can be used with a resource
oCLogRecordAssembles the complete information about a to-be-logged event
oCMailAttachmentA MailAttachment specifies a mail message attachment
oCMatrix2DThis structure defines a 2 by 2 matrix
oCMeasurePropertiesThis service describes a MeasureShape
oCMediaDescriptorDescribes properties of a document, regarding the relationship between the loaded document and the resource the document is loaded from / stored to
oCMediaPropertiesThis service describes the properties that are used when using the XGraphicProvider interface methods
oCMemberResultDescribes a result of a DataPilot member
oCMenuMultipleChangeExplains properties of a menu item
oCMenuSingleChangeExplains a change for a menu item
oCNamedArgumentNamed argument in a call to a method of an Automation object
oCNamedDatabaseObjectDenotes a named database object, or a named folder of database objects
oCNamedValuePair assembled from a name and a value
oCNameTokenInformation regarding named tokens
oCNativeNumberXmlAttributesAttributes describing a native number mode for a specific locale, stored in XML file format
oCNumberedSortingInfoInformation for sorting a ContentResultSet
oCNumberFormatCodeNumber format code information returned by various XNumberFormatCode methods
oCNumberFormatPropertiesProperties specifying the behavior of a NumberFormatter
oCNumberingAlignmentSpecify the alignment of a numbering level
oCNumberingLevelThese properties describe the numbering of a paragraph
oCNumberingLevelAccess to a numbering level as part of the Numbering Rules
oCOpenCommandArgumentThe argument for commands like "open", "update", and "synchronize"
oCOptional< T >An optional value of a given type
oCPageFootnoteInfoProperties of the footnote area of a page or a page style
oCPagePrintSettingsThese properties describe the way the XPagePrintable interface prints the page on one printer page
oCPagePropertiesDescribes the style of pages
oCPair< T, U >A tuple, or pair
oCParagraphPropertiesDescribes the style of paragraphs
oCParagraphPropertiesAsianSettings for the style of paragraphs with complex text layout
oCParagraphPropertiesComplexSettings for the style of paragraphs with complex text layout
oCParagraphTargetEvent has a source that causes an event to be fired and a trigger that defines under which condition an event should be raised and an offset if the event should be raised a defined amount of time after the event is triggered
oCParamInfoProvides information about a formal parameter of a method
oCParaUserDefinedAttributesSupplierA component that supports this service preserves XML attributes, unknown by its parser, that belong to the XML element representing it (the component)
oCParseResultParser results returned by XCharacterClassification::parseAnyToken() and XCharacterClassification::parsePredefinedToken()
oCPoint2-dimensional point using the Cartesian coordinate system
oCPolyPolygonBezierCoordsCoordinates for a poly polygon Bezier
oCPolyPolygonBezierDescriptorThis service describes a polypolygonbezier
oCPolyPolygonDescriptorThis service describes a poly-polygon
oCPolyPolygonShape3DCoordinates of a 3-dimensional poly polygon
oCPosition3D3-dimensional point
oCPostCommandArgumentThe argument for the command "post"
oCPrinterDescriptorDescribes a printer by specifying the queue name and some settings
oCPrintOptionsDescribes the options for print jobs
oCPrintSettingsThese properties describe the printing of the content of a text document
oCPrintSettingsAccess to the settings for printing documents
oCProofreadingResultHolds the results from proofreading a sentence
oCPropertyThis structure describes a property
oCPropertyCategoryDescriptorDescribes a category of properties
oCPropertyCommandArgumentThe argument for the "addProperty" command
oCPropertyInfoThis structure contains all the information related to a property
oCPropertyPutArgumentValue that is used as argument in a "property put&quot operation on a Automation object
oCPropertyValueProperty value
oCProtocolPropertyString/value pair
oCRangeSelectionArgumentsArguments for starting the range selection
oCRealBezierSegment2DThis structure contains the relevant data for a cubic Bezier curve
oCRealPoint2DThis structure defines a two-dimensional point
oCRealRectangle2DThis structure contains the necessary information for a two-dimensional rectangle
oCRealRectangle3DThis structure contains the necessary information for a three-dimensional cube
oCRealSize2DThis structure contains data representing a two-dimensional size
oCRecipientInfoAll information needed to send a message using one send protocol
oCRectangleRectangular area by position and size
oCRelativePositionDetermines a position of an object relative to a size defined by other means
oCRelativeSizeGives a position relative to some size defined by other means
oCRenderDescriptorDescribes the options for Render jobs
oCRenderOptionsDescribes the options for Render jobs
oCRenderStateThis structure contains information passed to each XCanvas render operation
oCRevisionTagInformation that describes a revision of something
oCRGBColorRGB color triplet
oCRotationDescriptorThis abstract service specifies the general characteristics of an optional rotation and shearing for a Shape
oCRuleDescribes a rule that can be applies to a number of objects
oCRuleSetDescribes a set of Rules
oCRuleTermDescribes a term
oCRuntimePermissionThis permission grants runtime access to some named functionality
oCScannerContextScanner context is an identifier for a specific scanner device
oCScriptEventDescriptorDescribes an effect, especially a script to be executed, for a certain event given by the listener type and the name of the event method
oCSearchCommandArgumentThe argument for the command "search"
oCSearchCriteriumCriterion describing how an object must match some rules that specify (part of) a search
oCSearchInfoInformation needed to (recursively) search an object
oCSectionFileLinkDescribes the link for a text section
oCSelectionNumerical range
oCSendInfoInformation related to a send protocol
oCSendMediaTypesList of Internet media types (like "text/plain" and "text/html"), that are related to a send protocol
oCSetPropertyTolerantFailedInformation about a single property failed to be set
oCShadowFormatDescribes the settings of a cell shadow
oCShadowPropertiesThis is a set of properties to describe the style for rendering a shadow
oCShapeThis service is supported from all shapes inside a PresentationDocument
oCSimpleFontMetricDescribes the general metrics of a certain font
oCSingleProofreadingErrorHolds a single error found by the proofreader
oCSingleReferenceReference to a single cell
oCSize2-dimensional size of an area using width and height
oCSocketPermissionThis permission represents access to a network via sockets
oCSolverConstraintUsed to specify a constraint for a solver model
oCSortDescriptor2Gives access to the properties of a sort descriptor
oCSortFieldDescribes a single field in a sort descriptor
oCSortingInfoSorting info
oCStackableDiagramHelper service for stackable chart types (e.g., charts in which the data rows may be displayed stacked on each other or in percent relation)
oCStandardDiagramCreationParametersParameters that may be passed to XChartTypeTemplate::createDiagramByDataSource()
oCStatementRDF statement, or triple
oCStringContextCollection of string-related arguments used on all canvas text interfaces
oCStringPairPair of two strings
oCStrokeAttributesThis structure contains all attributes required for path stroking
oCSubTotalColumnDescribes how a single data column is treated when creating subtotals
oCSymbolProperties that are used for DataSeries that display symbols
oCSystemDependentXWindowSystem dependent XWindow
oCTabBarButtonDescriptor of a tab bar button
oCTableBorderStyle settings of the border lines of all cells in a cell range
oCTableBorder2Style settings of the border lines of all cells in a cell range
oCTableBorderDistancesDistance settings of the border lines of all cells in a cell range
oCTableColumnSeparatorThe width of the cells of a text table is defined by the position of the separator between neighboring cells
oCTableFilterFieldDescribes a single condition in a filter descriptor
oCTableFilterField2Describes a single condition in a filter descriptor
oCTablePageBreakDataDescribes a page break in a spreadsheet
oCTableSortFieldDescribes how to sort a single field (row/column) in a tables sort descriptor
oCTabStopThis structure is used to specify a single tabulator stop
oCTargetPropertiesProperties of an animated target
oCTemplateAssociation between a style name and a value
oCTemplateIdentifierHolds the data needed to identify a template
oCTextColumnDefines a single text column
oCTextConversionResultText conversion result to be used with XTextConversion
oCTextHitThis structure contains hit information for XTextLayout
oCTextMarkupDescriptorA descriptor for a single text markup
oCTextPageStylePage style for a text document
oCTextRangeContentPropertiesDescribes the structural properties to retrieve text contents
oCTextSegmentThis structure describes a text segment that is embedded in a larger portion of text
oCTextureContains all information needed to define a texture
oCTextUserDefinedAttributesSupplierA component that supports this service preserves XML attributes, unknown by its parser, that belong to the XML element representing it (the component)
oCTimeTime value
oCTimeIncrementA TimeIncrement describes how tickmarks are positioned on the scale of a date-time axis
oCTimeIntervalDescribes an interval on a date-axis
oCTimeWithTimezoneCombined time value with time zone
oCTransferInfoInformation needed to transfer objects from one location to another
oCTransferResultInformation about a transfer activity
oCUikSpecifies an universal interface key (globally unique)
oCUnoControlDialogElementSet of properties to describe the model of an UnoControl which is embedded in a UnoControlDialogModel
oCUpdateInformationEntryObjects of this type are used as elements of the enumeration returned by XUpdateInformationProvider
oCUpperLowerMarginUpper and lower margin
oCUpperLowerMarginScaleUpper and lower margin
oCURLStructure of an Uniform Resource Locator
oCUserDefinedAttributesSupplierA component that supports this service preserves XML attributes, unknown by its parser, that belong to the XML element representing it (the component)
oCVerbDescribes a command that can be send to an OLE object
oCVerbDescriptorDescribes a verb
oCVertOrientationFormatDescribes the vertical orientation of an object
oCViewStateThis structure contains information considered the view state
oCVisibilityDescribes the visibility state of a property
oCVisualRepresentationCan contain a graphical representation in an arbitrary format
oCWelcomeDynamicResultSetStructThis struct is to be contained in the first notification of an XDynamicResultSet
oCWindowDescriptorDescribes a window
oCXAbortChannelUse this interface to abort a command asynchronously
oCXAccessibleTextAttributesImplement this interface to give access to the attributes of a text
oCXAlterViewImplements the possibility to alter aspects of a view's definition
oCXAnimationAllows controlling an animation
oCXAnnotationAccessThis interface gives access to the annotation for a document content
oCXAnnotationEnumerationAn enumeration for a set of annotations
oCXArrayFormulaTokensGives access to an array formula as token sequence
oCXAsyncOutputMonitorAn optional companion interface to com::sun::star::io::XOutputStream that supports scenarios where com::sun::star::io::XOutputStream::writeBytes() operates asynchronously and does not necessarily report any errors
oCXCallbackInterface which can be used to call back an implementation
oCXCertificateContainerManage user certificate for temporary connections
oCXColorSpaceInformation how to interpret certain color data
oCXConfigurationChangeRequestA single explicit request for a configuration change
oCXConfigurationControllerBroadcasterManage the set of registered event listeners and the event notification for a configuration controller
oCXConfigurationControllerRequestQueueThe request queue of the configuration controller handles requests for changes to the current configuration
oCXConnectionToolsEncapsulates various useful functionality around a com::sun::star::sdb::Connection
oCXContainerApproveBroadcasterAllows containers to implement a vetoing mechanism for insertion, removal, and replacement of their elements
oCXContainerApproveListenerNotified to approve changes which happen to the content of a generic container
oCXControllerManagerThe XControllerManager gives access to the controllers of the drawing framework
oCXDataAccessDescriptorFactoryAllows creating instances of the DataAccessDescriptor service
oCXDatabaseDocumentUIAccess to the user interface of a database document
oCXDatabaseRegistrationsAccess to the application-wide registered databases
oCXDataPilotDataLayoutFieldSupplierProvides access to the DataPilotField used to layout multiple data fields
oCXDateCategoriesAllows to set date values as categories
oCXDeckAccess to Deck
oCXDocumentDataSourceSimplifies the accessing of data sources and their corresponding database document
oCXDocumentEventBroadcasterAllows to be notified of events happening in an OfficeDocument, and to cause notification of such events
oCXDocumentPropertiesDocument-specific information such as the author, creation date, and user-defined fields
oCXDocumentPropertiesSupplierAccess to the XDocumentProperties instance of a document
oCXDocumentRecoveryInterface to be implemented by documents who wish to participate in the document emergency-save / recovery process
oCXEmbeddedOleObjectRepresents a marker for embedded OLE objects
oCXEmbeddedScriptsSupported by OfficeDocuments which allow to embed scripts
oCXExternalSheetCachePrimary interface for the com::sun::star::sheet::ExternalSheetCache service
oCXExternalUriReferenceTranslatorTranslates between external and internal URI references
oCXFastSAXSerializableSerializes a DOM tree by generating FastSAX events
oCXFeatureInvalidationImplements a callback for a XFormOperations instance, which is called when the state of one or more FormFeatures might have changed
oCXFilterControllerAccess to a form based filter for a database form
oCXFormControllerContextContext for a FormController
oCXFormsUIHelper1Provide several helper methods for the UI
oCXFormulaOpCodeMapperGives access to spreadsheet compiler token interns
oCXFormulaParserConverts between text and token representations of formulas
oCXFormulaTokensGives access to a formula as token sequence
oCXFrameGrabberThis interface provides an easy access to a stream images using their position in the time
oCXFunctionsSupplierFunctions supplier which are located in a report definition or a group
oCXGridControlAn interface to a control that displays a tabular data
oCXGridRowSelectionThis interfaces provides access to the selection of row for UnoControlGrid
oCXHierarchicalStorageAccessThis interface allows hierarchical access to storage tree
oCXInterfaceBase interface of all UNO interfaces