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XFormsUIHelper1 Interface Reference

provide several helper methods for the UI More...


Public Member Functions

string getDefaultServiceNameForNode ([in] com::sun::star::xml::dom::XNode xNode)
string getDefaultBindingExpressionForNode ([in] com::sun::star::xml::dom::XNode xNode)
string getNodeDisplayName ([in] com::sun::star::xml::dom::XNode xNode, [in] boolean bDetail)
string getNodeName ([in] com::sun::star::xml::dom::XNode xNode)
string getBindingName ([in] com::sun::star::beans::XPropertySet xBinding, [in] boolean bDetail)
string getSubmissionName ([in] com::sun::star::beans::XPropertySet xSubm, [in] boolean bDetail)
com::sun::star::beans::XPropertySet cloneBindingAsGhost ([in] com::sun::star::beans::XPropertySet binding)
void removeBindingIfUseless ([in] com::sun::star::beans::XPropertySet xBinding)
com::sun::star::xml::dom::XDocument newInstance ([in] string sName, [in] string sURL, [in] boolean bURLOnce)
void renameInstance ([in] string sFrom, [in] string sTo, [in] string sURL, [in] boolean bURLOnce)
void removeInstance ([in] string sName)
com::sun::star::xforms::XModel newModel ([in] com::sun::star::frame::XModel xModel, [in] string sName)
void renameModel ([in] com::sun::star::frame::XModel xModel, [in] string sFrom, [in] string sTo)
void removeModel ([in] com::sun::star::frame::XModel xModel, [in] string sName)
com::sun::star::xml::dom::XNode createElement ([in] com::sun::star::xml::dom::XNode xParent, [in] string sName)
com::sun::star::xml::dom::XNode createAttribute ([in] com::sun::star::xml::dom::XNode xParent, [in] string sName)
com::sun::star::xml::dom::XNode renameNode ([in] com::sun::star::xml::dom::XNode xNode, [in] string sName)
com::sun::star::beans::XPropertySet getBindingForNode ([in] com::sun::star::xml::dom::XNode xNode, [in] boolean bCreate)
void removeBindingForNode ([in] com::sun::star::xml::dom::XNode xNode)
string getResultForExpression ([in] com::sun::star::beans::XPropertySet xBinding, [in] boolean bIsBindingExpression, [in] string sExpression)
boolean isValidXMLName ([in] string sName)
boolean isValidPrefixName ([in] string sName)
void setNodeValue ([in] com::sun::star::xml::dom::XNode xNode, [in] string sValue)

Detailed Description

provide several helper methods for the UI

This interfaces is for UI use only, and will likely be unsupported in future versions.

Member Function Documentation

◆ cloneBindingAsGhost()

◆ createAttribute()

com::sun::star::xml::dom::XNode createAttribute ( [in] com::sun::star::xml::dom::XNode  xParent,
[in] string  sName 

◆ createElement()

com::sun::star::xml::dom::XNode createElement ( [in] com::sun::star::xml::dom::XNode  xParent,
[in] string  sName 

◆ getBindingForNode()

com::sun::star::beans::XPropertySet getBindingForNode ( [in] com::sun::star::xml::dom::XNode  xNode,
[in] boolean  bCreate 

◆ getBindingName()

string getBindingName ( [in] com::sun::star::beans::XPropertySet  xBinding,
[in] boolean  bDetail 

◆ getDefaultBindingExpressionForNode()

string getDefaultBindingExpressionForNode ( [in] com::sun::star::xml::dom::XNode  xNode)

◆ getDefaultServiceNameForNode()

string getDefaultServiceNameForNode ( [in] com::sun::star::xml::dom::XNode  xNode)

◆ getNodeDisplayName()

string getNodeDisplayName ( [in] com::sun::star::xml::dom::XNode  xNode,
[in] boolean  bDetail 

◆ getNodeName()

string getNodeName ( [in] com::sun::star::xml::dom::XNode  xNode)

◆ getResultForExpression()

string getResultForExpression ( [in] com::sun::star::beans::XPropertySet  xBinding,
[in] boolean  bIsBindingExpression,
[in] string  sExpression 

◆ getSubmissionName()

string getSubmissionName ( [in] com::sun::star::beans::XPropertySet  xSubm,
[in] boolean  bDetail 

◆ isValidPrefixName()

boolean isValidPrefixName ( [in] string  sName)

◆ isValidXMLName()

boolean isValidXMLName ( [in] string  sName)

◆ newInstance()

com::sun::star::xml::dom::XDocument newInstance ( [in] string  sName,
[in] string  sURL,
[in] boolean  bURLOnce 

◆ newModel()

com::sun::star::xforms::XModel newModel ( [in] com::sun::star::frame::XModel  xModel,
[in] string  sName 

◆ removeBindingForNode()

void removeBindingForNode ( [in] com::sun::star::xml::dom::XNode  xNode)

◆ removeBindingIfUseless()

void removeBindingIfUseless ( [in] com::sun::star::beans::XPropertySet  xBinding)

◆ removeInstance()

void removeInstance ( [in] string  sName)

◆ removeModel()

void removeModel ( [in] com::sun::star::frame::XModel  xModel,
[in] string  sName 

◆ renameInstance()

void renameInstance ( [in] string  sFrom,
[in] string  sTo,
[in] string  sURL,
[in] boolean  bURLOnce 

◆ renameModel()

void renameModel ( [in] com::sun::star::frame::XModel  xModel,
[in] string  sFrom,
[in] string  sTo 

◆ renameNode()

com::sun::star::xml::dom::XNode renameNode ( [in] com::sun::star::xml::dom::XNode  xNode,
[in] string  sName 

◆ setNodeValue()

void setNodeValue ( [in] com::sun::star::xml::dom::XNode  xNode,
[in] string  sValue 

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