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com::sun::star::xforms Module Reference

interfaces for XForms (XML-based forms) implementation More...


service  Binding
 represent a binding to one or more nodes in the DOM tree of an XModel. More...
exception  InvalidDataOnSubmitException
 thrown if the user triggers an XForms submission with invalid instance data More...
service  Model
interface  XDataTypeRepository
 specifies a repository of XSD data types More...
service  XForms
interface  XFormsEvent
interface  XFormsSupplier
 provides access to the XForms models contained in the component More...
interface  XFormsUIHelper1
 provide several helper methods for the UI More...
interface  XModel
 represent an XForms model More...
interface  XModel2
interface  XSubmission
 specifies a submission object, associated with an XModel More...

Detailed Description

interfaces for XForms (XML-based forms) implementation