LibreOffice 5.3 SDK API Reference
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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| \NstarModule com::sun::star is the root module of the UNO API
|  oNaccessibilityUNO Accessibility API
|  oNanimationsInterfaces for SMIL animations
|  oNauthSecurity and authenticates interfaces
|  oNawtJava AWT-like user interface toolkit interface specifications for UNO
|  oNbeansJava beans-like property access and introspection
|  oNbridgeInterfaces for building bridges to other component models
|  oNchartCharting diagram interfaces
|  oNchart2New implementation of Charting diagram interfaces
|  oNconfigurationAccess to the tree of configuration data
|  oNconnectionData exchange interfaces for inter-process communication
|  oNcontainerInterfaces for collections and containers
|  oNcuiCommon user interface elements
|  oNdatatransferClipboard and Drag&Drop interfaces
|  oNdeploymentInterfaces for extension management
|  oNdocumentOffice document related interfaces
|  oNdrawingDrawing and shape specific interfaces
|  oNembedInterfaces related to embedded objects, both native UNO and OLE
|  oNformInterfaces for managing forms and controls
|  oNformulaInterfaces for mathematical formulas