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XObjectInspector Interface Reference

describes the main interface of an ObjectInspector. More...


Inheritance diagram for XObjectInspector:
XController XDispatchProvider XComponent XInterface XInterface ObjectInspector

Exported Interfaces

interface com::sun::star::frame::XController
 allows to plug the inspector into a com::sun::star::frame::XFrame More...
interface com::sun::star::frame::XDispatchProvider
 allows to intercept functionality More...

Public Member Functions

void inspect ([in] sequence< com::sun::star::uno::XInterface > Objects) raises (com::sun::star::util::VetoException)
 inspects a new collection of one or more objects. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from XController
void attachFrame ([in] XFrame Frame)
 is called to attach the controller with its managing frame. More...
boolean attachModel ([in] XModel Model)
 is called to attach the controller to a new model. More...
boolean suspend ([in] boolean Suspend)
 is called to prepare the controller for closing the view More...
any getViewData ()
 provides access to current view status More...
void restoreViewData ([in] any Data)
 restores the view status using the data gotten from a previous call to XController::getViewData(). More...
XModel getModel ()
 provides access to currently attached model More...
XFrame getFrame ()
 provides access to owner frame of this controller More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from XComponent
void dispose ()
 The owner of an object calls this method to explicitly free all resources kept by this object and thus break cyclic references. More...
void addEventListener ([in] XEventListener xListener)
 adds an event listener to the object. More...
void removeEventListener ([in] XEventListener aListener)
 removes an event listener from the listener list. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from XInterface
any queryInterface ([in] type aType)
 queries for a new interface to an existing UNO object. More...
void acquire ()
 increases the reference counter by one. More...
void release ()
 decreases the reference counter by one. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from XDispatchProvider
XDispatch queryDispatch ([in] com::sun::star::util::URL URL, [in] string TargetFrameName, [in] long SearchFlags)
 searches for an XDispatch for the specified URL within the specified target frame. More...
sequence< XDispatchqueryDispatches ([in] sequence< DispatchDescriptor > Requests)
 actually this method is redundant to XDispatchProvider::queryDispatch() to avoid multiple remote calls. More...

Public Attributes

XObjectInspectorModel InspectorModel
 provides access to the current model of the inspector More...
XObjectInspectorUI InspectorUI
 provides access to the user interface of the object inspector. More...

Detailed Description

describes the main interface of an ObjectInspector.

See also
OOo 2.0.3

Exported Interfaces

◆ com::sun::star::frame::XController

allows to plug the inspector into a com::sun::star::frame::XFrame

The com::sun::star::frame::XController::setModel() method accepts only XObjectInspectorModels, and will return FALSE if the to-be-attached model is not NULL, but does not support this interface.

If you do not want to support a full-blown com::sun::star::frame::XModel, use the InspectorModel attribute instead.

The com::sun::star::frame::XController::getViewData() and com::sun::star::frame::XController::restoreViewData() exchange string values, which describes as much of the current view state as possible.

◆ com::sun::star::frame::XDispatchProvider

allows to intercept functionality

This interface is inherited from the com::sun::star::frame::Controller service, currently, there is no functionality to intercept at an XObjectInspector.

Member Function Documentation

◆ inspect()

void inspect ( [in] sequence< com::sun::star::uno::XInterface Objects)
raises (com::sun::star::util::VetoException

inspects a new collection of one or more objects.

If the sequence is empty, the UI of the ObjectInspector will be cleared.

If the sequence contains more than one object, the XObjectInspector will create a complete set of property handlers (as indicated by XObjectInspectorModel::HandlerFactories) for every of the objects, and compose their output.

com::sun::star::util::VetoExceptionif the inspector cannot switch to another object set. This typically happens if one of the active XPropertyHandler's raised a non-modal user interface, and vetoed suspension of this UI.
See also

Member Data Documentation

◆ InspectorModel

XObjectInspectorModel InspectorModel

provides access to the current model of the inspector

The model is mainly responsible for providing the property handlers. Additionally, it can provide user interface names and help URLs for property categories.

Note that there are two ways of setting or retrieving the current model: You can either use com::sun::star::frame::XModel::setModel(), or, if you do not want or need to implement the full-blown com::sun::star::frame::XModel interface, you can use this property directly. Both approaches are semantically equivalent.

If a new model is set at the inspector, the complete UI will be rebuilt to reflect the change, using the new property handlers provided by the new model.

◆ InspectorUI

XObjectInspectorUI InspectorUI

provides access to the user interface of the object inspector.

This interface can be used to access and manipulate various aspects of the user interface. For instance, you can enable and disable certain property controls (or parts thereof), or register observers for all property controls.

OOo 2.2

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