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Abbreviate arbitrary strings. More...


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XInterface UriAbbreviation

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string abbreviateString ([in] XStringWidth xStringWidth, [in] long nWidth, [in] string aString)
 Abbreviate a string, so that the resulting abbreviated string is not wider than some given width. More...
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any queryInterface ([in] type aType)
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void acquire ()
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Detailed Description

Abbreviate arbitrary strings.

It is expected that there will be different implementations of this interface, that each expect strings conforming to a certain structure (e.g., URIs, platform-specific file paths, or newsgroup names). The abbreviation algorithms will then take into account the structural information.

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string abbreviateString ( [in] XStringWidth  xStringWidth,
[in] long  nWidth,
[in] string  aString 

Abbreviate a string, so that the resulting abbreviated string is not wider than some given width.

The width of a string is an abstract concept here, measured via an XStringWidth interface. Examples are the number of characters in the string (XStringWidth will measure the string's length), or the width in pixel when displayed with a specific font (which XStringWidth would encapsulate).

xStringWidthThe interface that makes concrete the abstract notion of string width.
nWidthThe resulting abbreviated string's width will be no larger than this.
aStringThe string that is abbreviated.
an abbreviated string.

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