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AutoTextGroup Service Referencepublished

provides access to text blocks in a group. More...


Inheritance diagram for AutoTextGroup:
XAutoTextGroup XIndexAccess XNamed XNameAccess XElementAccess XInterface XElementAccess XInterface XInterface

Exported Interfaces

interface com::sun::star::text::XAutoTextGroup
interface com::sun::star::container::XIndexAccess
interface com::sun::star::container::XNamed
 provides access to the name of the group. More...

Public Attributes

string FilePath
 The path to the file containing the AutoTextEntry's in this group. More...
string Title
 The title of this AutoTextGroup. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from XAutoTextGroup
sequence< string > getTitles ()
 returns the titles of all autotext entries. More...
void renameByName ([in] string aElementName, [in] string aNewElementName, [in] string aNewElementTitle) raises ( com::sun::star::lang::IllegalArgumentException, com::sun::star::container::ElementExistException, com::sun::star::io::IOException )
 renames an entry in the autotext group. More...
com::sun::star::text::XAutoTextEntry insertNewByName ([in] string aName, [in] string aTitle, [in] com::sun::star::text::XTextRange xTextRange) raises ( com::sun::star::container::ElementExistException )
 creates a new AutoTextEntry entry. More...
void removeByName ([in] string aEntryName) raises ( com::sun::star::container::NoSuchElementException )
 removes the specified autotext entry. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from XNameAccess
any getByName ([in] string aName) raises ( com::sun::star::container::NoSuchElementException, com::sun::star::lang::WrappedTargetException )
sequence< string > getElementNames ()
boolean hasByName ([in] string aName)
- Public Member Functions inherited from XElementAccess
type getElementType ()
boolean hasElements ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from XInterface
any queryInterface ([in] type aType)
 queries for a new interface to an existing UNO object. More...
void acquire ()
 increases the reference counter by one. More...
void release ()
 decreases the reference counter by one. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from XIndexAccess
long getCount ()
any getByIndex ([in] long Index) raises ( com::sun::star::lang::IndexOutOfBoundsException, com::sun::star::lang::WrappedTargetException )
- Public Member Functions inherited from XNamed
string getName ()
void setName ([in] string aName)
 sets the programmatic name of the object. More...

Detailed Description

provides access to text blocks in a group.

See also
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Exported Interfaces

◆ com::sun::star::container::XIndexAccess

◆ com::sun::star::container::XNamed

provides access to the name of the group.

◆ com::sun::star::text::XAutoTextGroup

Member Data Documentation

◆ FilePath

string FilePath

The path to the file containing the AutoTextEntry's in this group.

◆ Title

string Title

The title of this AutoTextGroup.

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