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XURI Interface Reference

represents an URI node that may occur in a RDF graph. More...


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XResource XNode URI XDocumentMetadataAccess XMetadatable XNamedGraph InContentMetadata MetadataField

Public Attributes

string Namespace
 prefix More...
string LocalName
 suffix More...
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string StringValue
 the string value of the node. More...

Detailed Description

represents an URI node that may occur in a RDF graph.

Note that this is actually an IRI, but the RDF literature speaks of URIs only, so we chose to use established terminology.

The URI is split into a Namespace and a LocalName, using the first applicable of the following criteria:

  1. after the first occurrence of the fragment separator: "#"
  2. after the last occurrence of the path separator: "/"
  3. after the last occurrence of the scheme separator: ":"

An URI without a ":" is invalid. This implies that the Namespace part of an URI must not be empty, while the LocalName part may be empty.

OOo 3.0
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string LocalName


string Namespace


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