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Gives information about a word's possible hyphenation points. More...


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Public Member Functions

string getWord ()
com::sun::star::lang::Locale getLocale ()
string getPossibleHyphens ()
sequence< short > getHyphenationPositions ()
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Detailed Description

Gives information about a word's possible hyphenation points.

Example: In German pre-spelling-reform you may have the following: getWord: Dampfschiffahrt getPossibleHyphens: Dampf=schiff=fahrt getOrigHyphensPositions: 4, 9 That is "Dampfschiffahrt" can be hyphenated after the "pf" (4) and between the double "ff" (9). And if you are going to hyphenate it at position 9 you will get an additional "f" before the hyphen character.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ getHyphenationPositions()

sequence<short> getHyphenationPositions ( )
an ascending sequence of numbers where each number is an offset within the original word which denotes a hyphenation position corresponding to one of the hyphens in the string returned by com::sun::star::linguistic2::XPossibleHyphens::getPossibleHyphens().

◆ getLocale()

the language of the hyphenated word.
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◆ getPossibleHyphens()

string getPossibleHyphens ( )
a string depicting the word with all hyphen positions which are represented by "=" characters. If there are any alternative spellings, the word will be altered accordingly.

◆ getWord()

string getWord ( )
the word for which the information of possible hyphenation points was obtained.

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