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SingleReference Struct Reference

contains a reference to a single cell. More...


Public Attributes

long Column
 is the absolute column number. More...
long RelativeColumn
 is the relative column number. More...
long Row
 is the absolute row number. More...
long RelativeRow
 is the relative row number. More...
long Sheet
 is the absolute sheet number. More...
long RelativeSheet
 is the relative sheet number. More...
long Flags
 contains flags. More...

Detailed Description

contains a reference to a single cell.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Column

long Column

is the absolute column number.

◆ Flags

long Flags

contains flags.

See also

◆ RelativeColumn

long RelativeColumn

is the relative column number.

◆ RelativeRow

long RelativeRow

is the relative row number.

◆ RelativeSheet

long RelativeSheet

is the relative sheet number.

◆ Row

long Row

is the absolute row number.

◆ Sheet

long Sheet

is the absolute sheet number.

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