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XContainerWindowProvider Interface Reference

provides container windows implementing the com::sun::star::awt::XWindow interface. More...


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XInterface ContainerWindowProvider

Public Member Functions

com::sun::star::awt::XWindow createContainerWindow ([in] string URL, [in] string WindowType, [in] com::sun::star::awt::XWindowPeer xParent, [in] com::sun::star::uno::XInterface xHandler) raises ( com::sun::star::lang::IllegalArgumentException )
 creates a window for the given URL More...
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any queryInterface ([in] type aType)
 queries for a new interface to an existing UNO object. More...
void acquire ()
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void release ()
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Detailed Description

provides container windows implementing the com::sun::star::awt::XWindow interface.

Member Function Documentation

◆ createContainerWindow()

com::sun::star::awt::XWindow createContainerWindow ( [in] string  URL,
[in] string  WindowType,
[in] com::sun::star::awt::XWindowPeer  xParent,
[in] com::sun::star::uno::XInterface  xHandler 
raises (com::sun::star::lang::IllegalArgumentException

creates a window for the given URL

URLis the URL.
WindowTypeType of Window to be created, for future use, not supported yet
xParenta valid XWindowPeer reference which is used as a parent. This parameter must not be null.
xHandleris the interface that will be called to handle the Events that are generated by the window (and all controls placed on it) and bound to the handler using a URL specifying a handler method to be called. Usually this will be done directly by the user.

xHandler can handle events in two different ways:

  1. By supporting the com::sun::star::awt::XContainerWindowEventHandler interface. This is a generic interface to accept event notifications.
  2. By providing interfaces that directly implement the handler methods to be called. The XContainerWindowProvider implementation then will try to access these events using the com::sun::star::beans::IntrospectionIntrospection service. To make this possible the handler implementation also has to support com::sun::star::lang::XTypeProvider.

If XContainerWindowEventHandler is supported XContainerWindowEventHandler.callHandlerMethod() is always called first to handle the event. Only if the event cannot be handled by XContainerWindowEventHandler (callHandlerMethod() then has to return false) or if XContainerWindowEventHandler is not supported at all the Introspection based access will be used.

The Introspection based access tries to call a method named according to the HandlerMethodName specified by a URL. First a method

void HandlerMethodName( [in] com::sun::star::awt::XWindow xWindow, [in] any aEvent )

will be searched. The signature is similar to XContainerWindowEventHandler. callHandlerMethod except for MethodName itself that isn't needed here. For more information about these parameters, see com::sun::star::awt::XContainerWindowEventHandler.

If this method is found, it will be called, otherwise a method

void HandlerMethodName( void )

will be searched and called.

a window implementing the com::sun::star::awt::XWindow interface.
com::sun::star::lang::IllegalArgumentExceptionif no window for the given URL is found or if the URL is invalid or xParent is null.
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