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This exception or a subclass can occur at every interface method. More...


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Exception GridInvalidDataException GridInvalidModelException CorruptedConfigurationException InvalidDNDOperationException CorruptedFilterConfigurationException DisposedException IllegalArgumentException NotInitializedException WrappedTargetRuntimeException MissingResourceException NoMasterException DeploymentException SecurityException

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string Message
 gives a detailed description of the reason, why the exception was thrown. More...
com::sun::star::uno::XInterface Context
 should contain a reference to the original, which raised the exception. More...

Detailed Description

This exception or a subclass can occur at every interface method.

It shall signal an error, which was not covered by the interface method specification. This exception (or a derived one) is thrown, when for instance an interprocess bridge to the object broke down, some explicitly forbidden invalid parameters were passed ( e.g. null references ) or the called object has been disposed before.

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