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XPropertyContainer Interface Referencepublished

makes it possible to add and remove properties to or from an object. More...


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XInterface XPropertyBag Content FileContent FTPContent GnomeVFSDocumentContent GnomeVFSFolderContent HelpContent HierarchyFolderContent HierarchyLinkContent HierarchyRootFolderContent ODMAContent PackageFolderContent PackageStreamContent PersistentPropertySet TransientDocumentsDocumentContent TransientDocumentsFolderContent TransientDocumentsRootContent TransientDocumentsStreamContent WebDAVDocumentContent WebDAVFolderContent

Public Member Functions

void addProperty ([in] string Name, [in] short Attributes, [in] any DefaultValue) raises ( com::sun::star::beans::PropertyExistException, com::sun::star::beans::IllegalTypeException, com::sun::star::lang::IllegalArgumentException )
 adds a property to the object. More...
void removeProperty ([in] string Name) raises ( com::sun::star::beans::UnknownPropertyException, com::sun::star::beans::NotRemoveableException )
 removes a property from the object. More...
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any queryInterface ([in] type aType)
 queries for a new interface to an existing UNO object. More...
void acquire ()
 increases the reference counter by one. More...
void release ()
 decreases the reference counter by one. More...

Detailed Description

makes it possible to add and remove properties to or from an object.

Some scripting engines cannot access properties directly when the property set is changed. Please use XPropertySet::getPropertyValue() etc. in this case.

Developers Guide
Universal Content Broker - Services and Interfaces

Member Function Documentation

◆ addProperty()

void addProperty ( [in] string  Name,
[in] short  Attributes,
[in] any  DefaultValue 
raises ( com::sun::star::beans::PropertyExistException,

adds a property to the object.

Namespecifies the name of the new property.
Attributesspecifies the property attributes, see PropertyAttribute.
DefaultValuespecifies the type of the new property and a potential default value.
PropertyExistExceptionif a property with the same name already exists.
IllegalTypeExceptionif the specified type is not allowed.

◆ removeProperty()

removes a property from the object.

Namespecified the name of the property.
UnknownPropertyExceptionif the property does not exist.

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