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XInputSequenceChecker Interface Referencepublished

contains the routine to check Thai input sequence checking More...


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XInterface XExtendedInputSequenceChecker InputSequenceChecker

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boolean checkInputSequence ([in] string aText, [in] long nPos, [in] char cInputChar, [in] short nInputCheckMode)
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any queryInterface ([in] type aType)
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void acquire ()
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void release ()
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Detailed Description

contains the routine to check Thai input sequence checking

OOo 1.1.2
Developers Guide
Office Development - Overview and Using the API - XExtendedIndexEntrySupplier

Member Function Documentation

◆ checkInputSequence()

boolean checkInputSequence ( [in] string  aText,
[in] long  nPos,
[in] char  cInputChar,
[in] short  nInputCheckMode 
true/false for the input check
aTextText to be checked.
nPosIndex in aText where checking starts.
cInputCharThe input character. Or at least, a UTF16 code unit thereof. It looks like this interface was not designed with non-BMP characters in mind. Not sure if that is a problem.
nInputCheckModeOne of InputSequenceCheckMode constants.

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