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SearchResult Struct Referencepublished


Public Types

typedef sequence< long > startOffset
typedef sequence< long > endOffset

Public Attributes

long subRegExpressions
 Number of subexpressions. More...

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ endOffset

sequence<long> endOffset

◆ startOffset

sequence<long> startOffset

Member Data Documentation

◆ subRegExpressions

long subRegExpressions

Number of subexpressions.

If it is 0, then no match found; this value is 1 for ABSOLUTE and APPROXIMATE match. The start and endOffset are always dependent on the search direction.

For example, if you search "X" in the text "-X-" the offsets are:

for forward:    start = 1, end = 2

for backward:   start = 2, end = 1

Forward, the startOffset is inclusive, the endOffset exclusive. Backward, the startOffset is exclusive, the endOffset inclusive.

For regular expressions it can be greater than 1. If the value is 1, startoffset[0] and endoffset[0] points to the matching sub string if value is > 1, still startoffset[0] and endoffset[0] points to the matching substring for whole regular expression startoffset[i] and endoffset[i] points to the matching substring of i th matching substring.

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