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Lock Struct Referencepublished

defines a lock. More...


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Public Types

typedef sequence< string > LockTokens
 the lock tokens. More...

Public Attributes

LockDepth Depth
 defines the lock's depth. More...
any Owner
 the owner of the lock. More...
hyper Timeout
 a timeout value for the lock. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from LockEntry
LockScope Scope
 defines the lock's scope. More...
LockType Type
 defines the type of the lock. More...

Detailed Description

defines a lock.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ LockTokens

sequence< string > LockTokens

the lock tokens.

Each lock token is a URI.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Depth

LockDepth Depth

defines the lock's depth.

◆ Owner

any Owner

the owner of the lock.

This element provides information sufficient for either directly contacting a principal (such as a telephone number or email URI), or for discovering the principal (such as the URL of a homepage) who owns the lock.

◆ Timeout

hyper Timeout

a timeout value for the lock.

This element specifies the number of seconds between granting of the lock and the automatic removal of that lock. The value must not be greater than 2^32-1. A value of -1 stands for an infinite lock, that will never be removed automatically.

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