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Duration Struct Reference

represents a duration. More...


Public Attributes

boolean Negative
 explicit sign bit. More...
unsigned short Years
 contains the years. More...
unsigned short Months
 contains the months. More...
unsigned short Days
 contains the days. More...
unsigned short Hours
 contains the hours. More...
unsigned short Minutes
 contains the minutes. More...
unsigned short Seconds
 contains the seconds. More...
unsigned long NanoSeconds
 contains the nanoseconds. More...

Detailed Description

represents a duration.

A duration is the difference of 2 DateTimes.

Note that there are no constraints on the ranges of the members, except that every member must be non-negative: for example, a Duration of 400 Days is valid.

OOo 3.3

Member Data Documentation

◆ Days

unsigned short Days

contains the days.

◆ Hours

unsigned short Hours

contains the hours.

◆ Minutes

unsigned short Minutes

contains the minutes.

◆ Months

unsigned short Months

contains the months.

◆ NanoSeconds

unsigned long NanoSeconds

contains the nanoseconds.

◆ Negative

boolean Negative

explicit sign bit.

◆ Seconds

unsigned short Seconds

contains the seconds.

◆ Years

unsigned short Years

contains the years.

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