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com::sun::star::animations Module Reference

interfaces for SMIL animations. More...

Constant Groups

constants  AnimationAdditiveMode
 Specifies the additive mode for the animation.
constants  AnimationCalcMode
 Specifies the interpolation mode for the animation.
constants  AnimationColorSpace
 defines the color space that is used for interpolation.
constants  AnimationEndSync
constants  AnimationFill
 This constants are used for the members fill() and fillDefault() of the an XTimeContainer.
constants  AnimationNodeType
 This constants defines a type for an animation node.
constants  AnimationRestart
 defines the restart behavior
constants  AnimationTransformType
 Specifies the transformation type for an XAnimateTransform.
constants  AnimationValueType
constants  EventTrigger
constants  TransitionSubType
constants  TransitionType


service  AnimateColor
service  AnimateMotion
service  AnimatePhysics
service  AnimateSet
service  Audio
service  Command
struct  Event
 an event has a source that causes an event to be fired and a trigger that defines under which condition an event should be raised and an offset if the event should be raised a defined amount of time after the event is triggered. More...
service  IterateContainer
service  ParallelTimeContainer
service  SequenceTimeContainer
struct  TargetProperties
 Properties of an animated target. More...
struct  TimeFilterPair
struct  ValuePair
interface  XAnimate
 Interface for generic animation. More...
interface  XAnimateColor
 Interface for animation by defining color changes over time. More...
interface  XAnimateMotion
 Interface for animation by defining motion on a path. More...
interface  XAnimatePhysics
 Interface for physics animation. More...
interface  XAnimateSet
 Interface for animation by simply setting the value of the target attribute to a constant value. More...
interface  XAnimateTransform
 animates a transformation attribute on a target element, thereby allowing animations to control translation, scaling, rotation and/or skewing. More...
interface  XAnimationListener
 makes it possible to register listeners, which are called whenever an animation event occurs. More...
interface  XAnimationNode
interface  XAnimationNodeSupplier
interface  XAudio
interface  XCommand
 Execution of the XCommand animation node causes the slide show component to call back the application to perform the command. More...
interface  XIterateContainer
 An iterate container iterates over subitems of a given target object and animates them by subsequently executes the contained effects on them. More...
interface  XParallelTimeContainer
interface  XTimeContainer
 Supported modules. More...
interface  XTransitionFilter
 Base members XAnimate::Values, XAnimate::From, XAnimate::To and XAnimate::By can be used with double values that set the transition progress the specific amount of time. More...


enum  Timing { INDEFINITE , MEDIA }

Detailed Description

interfaces for SMIL animations.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ Timing

enum Timing

specifies that a duration, end or start time is indefinite


specifies a simple duration as the intrinsic media duration.

This is only valid for elements that define media.