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Panose Struct Reference


Public Attributes

byte FamilyType
 PanoseFamilyTypes. More...
byte SerifStyle
 PanoseSerifStyle. More...
byte Weight
 PanoseWeight. More...
byte Proportion
 PanoseProportion. More...
byte Contrast
 PanoseContrast. More...
byte StrokeVariation
 PanoseStrokeVariation. More...
byte ArmStyle
 PanoseArmStyle. More...
byte Letterform
 PanoseLetterForm. More...
byte Midline
 PanoseMidline. More...
byte XHeight
 PanoseXHeight. More...

Member Data Documentation

◆ ArmStyle

byte ArmStyle

◆ Contrast

byte Contrast

◆ FamilyType

byte FamilyType

◆ Letterform

byte Letterform

◆ Midline

byte Midline

◆ Proportion

byte Proportion

◆ SerifStyle

byte SerifStyle

◆ StrokeVariation

byte StrokeVariation

◆ Weight

byte Weight

◆ XHeight

byte XHeight

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