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ChapterNumberingRule Service Referencepublished

describes the rules for chapter numbering in a text document. More...


Inheritance diagram for ChapterNumberingRule:
NumberingRule NumberingAlignment NumberingLevel

Included Services

service com::sun::star::style::NumberingRule
- Included Services inherited from NumberingRule
service com::sun::star::style::NumberingAlignment
service com::sun::star::style::NumberingLevel

Public Attributes

string HeadingStyleName
 contains the name of the paragraph style that marks this heading level. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from NumberingAlignment
com::sun::star::style::HorizontalAlignment Alignment
 set the alignment from the numbering. More...
short TextMarginDistance
 the minimum distance between the numbering symbol and the following text. More...
short TextNumberingDistance
 the distance between left margin and the numbering symbol. More...
short Insertion
 the distance between the numbering symbol and text. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from NumberingLevel
short NumberingType
 specifies the type of numbering. More...
short ParentNumbering
 specifies the number of higher numbering levels that are included in the representation of the current number. More...
string Prefix
 This prefix is inserted in front of the numbering symbol(s). More...
string Suffix
 This suffix is inserted after the numbering symbol(s). More...
string CharStyleName
 This is the name of the character style that is used for the symbol(s). More...
short BulletId
 The bullet symbol with this code in the assigned font is used. More...
string BulletFontName
 This is the name of the font that is used for the bullet. More...
string GraphicURL
 This is the URL of a graphic file to use as a symbol. More...
short StartWith
 This specifies the start value for the numbering. More...
com::sun::star::awt::XBitmap GraphicBitmap
 This is the graphic bitmap to use as a symbol. More...
string ListFormat
 Format string used to generate actual numbering. More...
boolean IsLegal
 Specifies if this level should use Arabic numbers for all levels. More...

Detailed Description

describes the rules for chapter numbering in a text document.

Some of the properties that are available in the interface are ignored here.


In the com::sun::star::style::NumberingAlignment only the field com::sun::star::style::NumberingAlignment::Alignment is applied.

Depending on the numbering types, the parameters for bullets or bit maps may be ignored. The character style name for the numbering symbol is also ignored.

Exported Interfaces

◆ com::sun::star::style::NumberingRule

Member Data Documentation

◆ HeadingStyleName

string HeadingStyleName

contains the name of the paragraph style that marks this heading level.

It is necessary that each style name appears only once in the sequence of numbering rules.

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