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XPublished Interface Reference

Reflects the “published” status of a UNOIDL entity. More...


Public Member Functions

boolean isPublished ()
 Returns the “published” status of a UNOIDL entity. More...

Detailed Description

Reflects the “published” status of a UNOIDL entity.

This interface is intended to be supported by objects that also support com::sun::star::reflection::XTypeDescription. (This interface could have been made an optional sub-interface of com::sun::star::reflection::XTypeDescription, but is instead kept independent for reasons of backwards compatibility.)

For the various kinds of UNOIDL entities that are represented by objects supporting com::sun::star::reflection::XTypeDescription and its subtypes, this optional interface should be supported as follows:

OOo 2.0

Member Function Documentation

◆ isPublished()

boolean isPublished ( )

Returns the “published” status of a UNOIDL entity.

TRUE if the UNOIDL entity represented by this object is published

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