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XVndSunStarPkgUrlReferenceFactory Interface Referencepublished

creates “” URL references. More...


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XUriReference createVndSunStarPkgUrlReference ([in] XUriReference authority)
 creates a new “” URL reference. More...

Detailed Description

creates “” URL references.

OOo 2.0

Member Function Documentation

◆ createVndSunStarPkgUrlReference()

XUriReference createVndSunStarPkgUrlReference ( [in] XUriReference  authority)

creates a new “” URL reference.

The returned URL reference has the given authority, an empty path, and no fragment.

authoritythe authority of the created URL reference; must not be NULL, and should be an absolute URI reference with no fragment
a new “” URL reference, or NULL if the given authority is either not an absolute URI reference or has a fragment

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