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DDELinkInfo Struct Reference

describes all items of a DDE connection used in formulas. More...


Public Types

typedef sequence< DDEItemInfoItems
 A list of DDE items. More...

Public Attributes

string Service
 The DDE service name. More...
string Topic
 The DDE topic. More...

Detailed Description

describes all items of a DDE connection used in formulas.

A DDE connection consists of the DDE service name, the DDE topic and a list of DDE items which may contain results cached from the last update.

The formula that would need this information for example would contain =[1]!'R1C1' or =[2]!'Sheet1.A1' where [1] is an external link with DDE service name "excel" and the topic "X:\PATH\[FILE.XLSX]Sheet1", and [2] contains service "soffice" and topic "file:///X:/PATH/FILE.ODS". The service name is stored in DDELinkInfo::Service, the topic is stored in DDELinkInfo::Topic. Note that if the DDE item contains single quotes they are escaped by doubling them, as usual, for example =[2]!'''Sheet name''.A1' in a "soffice" service.

OOo 3.1

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Items

sequence< DDEItemInfo > Items

A list of DDE items.

Each item may contain its results from the last update.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Service

string Service

The DDE service name.

◆ Topic

string Topic

The DDE topic.

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