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UriSchemeParser_vndDOTsunDOTstarDOTscript Service Referencepublished

parses textual representations of absolute “” URLs. More...


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XUriSchemeParser XInterface

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- Public Member Functions inherited from XUriSchemeParser
XUriReference parse ([in] string scheme, [in] string schemeSpecificPart)
 parses the textual representation of an absolute URI. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from XInterface
any queryInterface ([in] type aType)
 queries for a new interface to an existing UNO object. More...
void acquire ()
 increases the reference counter by one. More...
void release ()
 decreases the reference counter by one. More...

Detailed Description

parses textual representations of absolute “” URLs.

The argument scheme of method com::sun::star::uri::XUriSchemeParser::parse() must always be equal to the string "", ignoring case. The objects returned by com::sun::star::uri::XUriSchemeParser::parse() implement com::sun::star::uri::XVndSunStarScriptUrlReference.

This service is not intended to be instantiated directly by client code. Rather, it should be used indirectly through the com::sun::star::uri::UriReferenceFactory service.

OOo 2.0

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