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XCompressedDocumentHandler Interface Reference

A compressed XDocumentHandler interface. More...


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Public Member Functions

void compressedStartDocument () raises ( com::sun::star::xml::sax::SAXException )
void compressedEndDocument () raises ( com::sun::star::xml::sax::SAXException )
void compressedStartElement ([in] string aName, [in] sequence< XMLAttribute > aAttributes) raises ( com::sun::star::xml::sax::SAXException )
void compressedEndElement ([in] string aName) raises ( com::sun::star::xml::sax::SAXException )
void compressedCharacters ([in] string aChars) raises ( com::sun::star::xml::sax::SAXException )
void compressedIgnorableWhitespace ([in] string aWhitespaces) raises ( com::sun::star::xml::sax::SAXException )
void compressedProcessingInstruction ([in] string aTarget, [in] string aData) raises ( com::sun::star::xml::sax::SAXException )
void compressedSetDocumentLocator ([in] long columnNumber, [in] long lineNumber, [in] string publicId, [in] string systemId) raises ( com::sun::star::xml::sax::SAXException )
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any queryInterface ([in] type aType)
 queries for a new interface to an existing UNO object. More...
void acquire ()
 increases the reference counter by one. More...
void release ()
 decreases the reference counter by one. More...

Detailed Description

A compressed XDocumentHandler interface.

All methods in this interface have the same function with methods in the XDocumentHandler interface.

Because there is no interface parameter in these methods, so using this interface to transfer SAX event is thought to have better performance than using the XDocumentHandler interface, in case of when UNO C++/Java bridge is involved.

Member Function Documentation

◆ compressedCharacters()

void compressedCharacters ( [in] string  aChars)
raises (com::sun::star::xml::sax::SAXException

◆ compressedEndDocument()

void compressedEndDocument ( )
raises (com::sun::star::xml::sax::SAXException

◆ compressedEndElement()

void compressedEndElement ( [in] string  aName)
raises (com::sun::star::xml::sax::SAXException

◆ compressedIgnorableWhitespace()

void compressedIgnorableWhitespace ( [in] string  aWhitespaces)
raises (com::sun::star::xml::sax::SAXException

◆ compressedProcessingInstruction()

void compressedProcessingInstruction ( [in] string  aTarget,
[in] string  aData 
raises (com::sun::star::xml::sax::SAXException

◆ compressedSetDocumentLocator()

void compressedSetDocumentLocator ( [in] long  columnNumber,
[in] long  lineNumber,
[in] string  publicId,
[in] string  systemId 
raises (com::sun::star::xml::sax::SAXException

◆ compressedStartDocument()

void compressedStartDocument ( )
raises (com::sun::star::xml::sax::SAXException

◆ compressedStartElement()

void compressedStartElement ( [in] string  aName,
[in] sequence< XMLAttribute aAttributes 
raises (com::sun::star::xml::sax::SAXException

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