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XLabeled Interface Reference


Public Member Functions

void setLabel ([in] XTitle xTitle)
XTitle getLabel ()
void setOwnAnchor ([in]::com::sun::star::drawing::RectanglePoint aAnchorPoint)
::com::sun::star::drawing::RectanglePoint getOwnAnchor ()
void setLabelAnchor ([in]::com::sun::star::drawing::RectanglePoint aAnchorPoint)
::com::sun::star::drawing::RectanglePoint getLabelAnchor ()
void setOffset ([in] sequence< double > aOffsetVector)
sequence< double > getOffset ()

Member Function Documentation

XTitle getLabel ( )
sequence< double > getOffset ( )
void setLabel ( [in] XTitle  xTitle)
void setLabelAnchor ( [in] ::com::sun::star::drawing::RectanglePoint  aAnchorPoint)
void setOffset ( [in] sequence< double >  aOffsetVector)
void setOwnAnchor ( [in] ::com::sun::star::drawing::RectanglePoint  aAnchorPoint)

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