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ExternalDocLinks Service Reference

Represents a collection of external document links. More...


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XExternalDocLinks XNameAccess XIndexAccess XEnumerationAccess XElementAccess XElementAccess XElementAccess XInterface XInterface XInterface

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from XNameAccess
any getByName ([in] string aName) raises ( com::sun::star::container::NoSuchElementException, com::sun::star::lang::WrappedTargetException )
sequence< string > getElementNames ()
boolean hasByName ([in] string aName)
- Public Member Functions inherited from XElementAccess
type getElementType ()
boolean hasElements ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from XInterface
any queryInterface ([in] type aType)
 queries for a new interface to an existing UNO object. More...
void acquire ()
 increases the reference counter by one. More...
void release ()
 decreases the reference counter by one. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from XIndexAccess
long getCount ()
any getByIndex ([in] long Index) raises ( com::sun::star::lang::IndexOutOfBoundsException, com::sun::star::lang::WrappedTargetException )
- Public Member Functions inherited from XEnumerationAccess
com::sun::star::container::XEnumeration createEnumeration ()

Detailed Description

Represents a collection of external document links.

An external document link contains cached data used for external cell and cell range references as well as external range names.

See also
OOo 3.1

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