LibreOffice 6.2 SDK API Reference
com::sun::star::i18n::CollatorOptions Constant Group Referencepublished

Options to be used with XCollator methods. More...


const short CollatorOptions_IGNORE_CASE = 1
 Ignore case. More...
const short CollatorOptions_IGNORE_KANA = 2
 Ignore Kana. More...
const short CollatorOptions_IGNORE_WIDTH = 4
 Ignore width. More...
const short CollatorOptions_IGNORE_CASE_ACCENT = 8
 Ignore case and accent. More...

Detailed Description

Options to be used with XCollator methods.

Variable Documentation

const short CollatorOptions_IGNORE_CASE = 1

Ignore case.

const short CollatorOptions_IGNORE_CASE_ACCENT = 8

Ignore case and accent.

const short CollatorOptions_IGNORE_KANA = 2

Ignore Kana.

const short CollatorOptions_IGNORE_WIDTH = 4

Ignore width.