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EffectNodeType.idl File Reference

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module  com
module  com::sun
module  com::sun::star
 the module com::sun::star is the root module of the UNO API.
module  com::sun::star::presentation
 Presentation specific interfaces.

Constant Groups

constants  com::sun::star::presentation::EffectNodeType
 This constants defines a type for an animation effect node.


const short DEFAULT = 0
 This node has no special meaning. More...
const short ON_CLICK = 1
 This node contains an effect that starts on click. More...
const short WITH_PREVIOUS = 2
 This node contains an effect that starts with a previous effect. More...
const short AFTER_PREVIOUS = 3
 This node contains an effect that starts after a previous effect has finished. More...
const short MAIN_SEQUENCE = 4
 This is the main sequence for effects that is automatically started. More...
const short TIMING_ROOT = 5
 This is the root sequence. More...
 This is a sequence with effects that starts due to user interaction. More...