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EmbedStates.idl File Reference

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module  com
module  com::sun
module  com::sun::star
 the module com::sun::star is the root module of the UNO API.
module  com::sun::star::embed
 interfaces related to embedded objects, both native UNO and OLE.

Constant Groups

constants  com::sun::star::embed::EmbedStates
 This constant set contains possible states for EmbeddedObject.


const long LOADED = 0
 "Loaded" - the persistent representation of the object is loaded in memory. More...
const long RUNNING = 1
 "Running" - the object is connected and loaded. More...
const long ACTIVE = 2
 "Active" - the object is activated in separate window ( outplace activation ). More...
const long INPLACE_ACTIVE = 3
 "Inplace active" - the object has own window in the container's window. More...
const long UI_ACTIVE = 4
 "UI active" - the inplace active object that has user interface. More...