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ShadingPattern.idl File Reference

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module  com
module  com::sun
module  com::sun::star
 the module com::sun::star is the root module of the UNO API.
module  com::sun::star::drawing
 Drawing and shape specific interfaces.

Constant Groups

constants  com::sun::star::drawing::ShadingPattern
 The ShadingPattern determines the background color pattern against which characters and graphics are displayed, typically in tables.


const long CLEAR = 0x0000
const long SOLID = 0x0001
const long PCT5 = 0x0002
const long PCT10 = 0x0003
const long PCT20 = 0x0004
const long PCT25 = 0x0005
const long PCT30 = 0x0006
const long PCT40 = 0x0007
const long PCT50 = 0x0008
const long PCT60 = 0x0009
const long PCT70 = 0x000A
const long PCT75 = 0x000B
const long PCT80 = 0x000C
const long PCT90 = 0x000D
const long HORZ_STRIPE = 0x000E
const long VERT_STRIPE = 0x000F
const long REVERSE_DIAG_STRIPE = 0x0010
const long DIAG_STRIPE = 0x0011
const long HORZ_CROSS = 0x0012
const long DIAG_CROSS = 0x0013
const long THIN_HORZ_STRIPE = 0x0014
const long THIN_VERT_STRIPE = 0x0015
const long THIN_REVERSE_DIAG_STRIPE = 0x0016
const long THIN_DIAG_STRIPE = 0x0017
const long THIN_HORZ_CROSS = 0x0018
const long THIN_DIAG_CROSS = 0x0019
const long UNUSED_1 = 0x001A
const long UNUSED_2 = 0x001B
const long UNUSED_3 = 0x001C
const long UNUSED_4 = 0x001D
const long UNUSED_5 = 0x001E
const long UNUSED_6 = 0x001F
const long UNUSED_7 = 0x0020
const long UNUSED_8 = 0x0021
const long UNUSED_9 = 0x0022
const long PCT2 = 0x0023
const long PCT7 = 0x0024
const long PCT12 = 0x0025
const long PCT15 = 0x0026
const long PCT17 = 0x0027
const long PCT22 = 0x0028
const long PCT27 = 0x0029
const long PCT32 = 0x002A
const long PCT35 = 0x002B
const long PCT37 = 0x002C
const long PCT42 = 0x002D
const long PCT45 = 0x002E
const long PCT47 = 0x002F
const long PCT52 = 0x0030
const long PCT55 = 0x0031
const long PCT57 = 0x0032
const long PCT62 = 0x0033
const long PCT65 = 0x0034
const long PCT67 = 0x0035
const long PCT72 = 0x0036
const long PCT77 = 0x0037
const long PCT82 = 0x0038
const long PCT85 = 0x0039
const long PCT87 = 0x003A
const long PCT92 = 0x003B
const long PCT95 = 0x003C
const long PCT97 = 0x003D
const long NIL = 0xFFFF