LibreOffice 24.2 SDK API Reference
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18  */
21  module com { module sun { module star { module text {
42 published service TextFrame
43 {
47  service BaseFrame;
55  [property] long FrameHeightAbsolute;
59  [property] long FrameWidthAbsolute;
67  [property] byte FrameWidthPercent;
75  [property] byte FrameHeightPercent;
79  [property] boolean FrameIsAutomaticHeight;
85  [property] short SizeType;
90  [optional, property] boolean EditInReadonly;
98  [optional, property] short WidthType;
103  [optional, property] short WritingMode;
132  [optional, property] boolean IsFollowingTextFlow;
147  [optional, readonly, property] com::sun::star::text::XText ParentText;
148 };
151 }; }; }; };
153 /* vim:set shiftwidth=4 softtabstop=4 expandtab: */
boolean EditInReadonly
determines if the text frame should be editable in a read-only document.
Definition: TextFrame.idl:90
service BaseFrame
contains the definition of interfaces and properties that are supported by text frames, graphic objects and embedded objects.
Definition: TextFrame.idl:47
com::sun::star::text::XText ParentText
Parent text of this text frame.
Definition: TextFrame.idl:147
com::sun::star::drawing::TextVerticalAdjust TextVerticalAdjust
adjusts the vertical position of the text inside of the frame.
Definition: TextFrame.idl:139
provides access to the Text of a TextFrame.
Definition: XTextFrame.idl:27
byte FrameWidthPercent
specifies a width relative to the width of the surrounding text.
Definition: TextFrame.idl:67
specifies a rectangular shape which contains a Text object and is attached to a piece of surrounding ...
Definition: TextFrame.idl:42
Definition: Ambiguous.idl:20
short WidthType
determines the interpretation of the width and relative width properties.
Definition: TextFrame.idl:98
long FrameWidthAbsolute
contains the metric width value of the frame.
Definition: TextFrame.idl:59
extends a XSimpleText by the capability of inserting XTextContents.
Definition: XText.idl:28
This enumeration specifies the vertical position of text inside a shape in relation to the shape...
Definition: TextVerticalAdjust.idl:29
short SizeType
determines the interpretation of the height and relative height properties.
Definition: TextFrame.idl:85
boolean FrameIsAutomaticHeight
If "AutomaticHeight" is set, then the object grows if it is required by the frame content...
Definition: TextFrame.idl:79
boolean IsFollowingTextFlow
controls, if the frame follows the text flow or can leave its layout environment
Definition: TextFrame.idl:132
byte FrameHeightPercent
specifies a width relative to the width of the surrounding text.
Definition: TextFrame.idl:75
long FrameHeightAbsolute
contains the metric height value of the frame.
Definition: TextFrame.idl:52
short WritingMode
contains the writing direction, as represented by the com::sun::star::text::WritingMode2 constants ...
Definition: TextFrame.idl:103