LibreOffice 24.2 SDK API Reference
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18  */
20 module com { module sun { module star { module text {
51 published service TextTable
52 {
77  [property] long LeftMargin;
81  [property] long RightMargin;
85  [property] short HoriOrient;
90  [property] boolean KeepTogether;
95  [property] boolean Split;
100  [property] short PageNumberOffset;
105  [property] string PageDescName;
109  [property] short RelativeWidth;
112  [property] boolean IsWidthRelative;
116  [property] boolean RepeatHeadline;
119  [optional, property] long HeaderRowCount;
127  [property] long TopMargin;
131  [property] long BottomMargin;
135  [property] boolean BackTransparent;
143  [property] long Width;
148  [property] boolean ChartRowAsLabel;
153  [property] boolean ChartColumnAsLabel;
162  [property] sequence<com::sun::star::text::TableColumnSeparator> TableColumnSeparators;
166  [property] short TableColumnRelativeSum;
182  [property] string BackGraphicURL;
186  [property] string BackGraphicFilter;
197  [optional, property] boolean CollapsingBorders;
207  [optional, property] sequence<com::sun::star::beans::PropertyValue> TableInteropGrabBag;
213  [optional, property] string TableTemplateName;
220 };
223 }; }; }; };
225 /* vim:set shiftwidth=4 softtabstop=4 expandtab: */
string BackGraphicFilter
contains the name of the file filter for the background graphic.
Definition: TextTable.idl:186
is a table of text cells which is anchored to a surrounding text.
Definition: TextTable.idl:51
specifies the name of the object.
Definition: XNamed.idl:28
makes it possible to sort the contents of this object.
Definition: XSortable.idl:49
provides a method to apply TableAutoFormats to a cell range.
Definition: XAutoFormattable.idl:26
short PageNumberOffset
If a page break property is set at the table, this property contains the new value for the page numbe...
Definition: TextTable.idl:100
com::sun::star::style::GraphicLocation BackGraphicLocation
determines the position of the background graphic.
Definition: TextTable.idl:191
string PageDescName
If this property is set, it creates a page break before the table and assigns the value as the name o...
Definition: TextTable.idl:105
boolean ChartColumnAsLabel
determines if the first column of the table should be treated as axis labels when a chart is to be cr...
Definition: TextTable.idl:153
Definition: Ambiguous.idl:20
com::sun::star::graphic::XGraphic BackGraphic
contains the graphic for the background.
Definition: TextTable.idl:219
com::sun::star::util::Color BackColor
contains the color of the background.
Definition: TextTable.idl:170
short RelativeWidth
determines the width of the table relative to its environment.
Definition: TextTable.idl:109
short HoriOrient
contains the horizontal orientation.
Definition: TextTable.idl:85
long TopMargin
determines the top margin.
Definition: TextTable.idl:127
boolean ChartRowAsLabel
determines if the first row of the table should be treated as axis labels when a chart is to be creat...
Definition: TextTable.idl:148
is an object which can be anchored in a text, like instances of TextFrame or TextField.
Definition: TextContent.idl:42
sequence< com::sun::star::text::TableColumnSeparator > TableColumnSeparators
contains the column description of the table.
Definition: TextTable.idl:162
short TableColumnRelativeSum
contains the sum of the column width values used in TableColumnSeparators.
Definition: TextTable.idl:166
These enumeration values are used to specify if and how a page or column break is applied...
Definition: BreakType.idl:27
This interface acts as a container for the loaded graphic.
Definition: XGraphic.idl:37
These enumeration values are used to specify the location of a graphic object within its surroundings...
Definition: GraphicLocation.idl:27
A component that supports this service preserves XML attributes, unknown by its parser, that belong to the XML element representing it (the component).
Definition: UserDefinedAttributesSupplier.idl:28
com::sun::star::table::TableBorder TableBorder
contains the description of the table borders.
Definition: TextTable.idl:157
contains the style settings of the border lines of all cells in a cell range.
Definition: TableBorder.idl:35
string TableTemplateName
contains the name of table style used by the table.
Definition: TextTable.idl:213
boolean KeepTogether
Setting this property to TRUE prevents page or column breaks between this table and the following par...
Definition: TextTable.idl:90
long RightMargin
contains the right margin of the table.
Definition: TextTable.idl:81
long HeaderRowCount
determines the number of rows of the table repeated on every new page.
Definition: TextTable.idl:119
boolean RepeatHeadline
determines if the first row of the table is repeated on every new page.
Definition: TextTable.idl:116
describes the settings of a cell shadow.
Definition: ShadowFormat.idl:26
boolean Split
Setting this property to FALSE prevents the table from getting spread on two pages.
Definition: TextTable.idl:95
boolean BackTransparent
determines if the background color is transparent.
Definition: TextTable.idl:135
long BottomMargin
determines the bottom margin.
Definition: TextTable.idl:131
boolean IsWidthRelative
determines if the value of the relative width is valid.
Definition: TextTable.idl:112
gives access to data represented as an array of rows.
Definition: XChartDataArray.idl:31
provides access to the cells or to sub-ranges of a cell range.
Definition: XCellRange.idl:28
boolean CollapsingBorders
determines whether borders of neighboring table cells are collapsed into one
Definition: TextTable.idl:197
string BackGraphicURL
contains the URL for the background graphic.
Definition: TextTable.idl:182
long Color
describes an RGB color value with an optional alpha channel.
Definition: Color.idl:34
allows to get and set an array of data from a cell range.
Definition: XCellRangeData.idl:28
long LeftMargin
contains the left margin of the table.
Definition: TextTable.idl:77
com::sun::star::table::ShadowFormat ShadowFormat
determines the type, color and size of the shadow.
Definition: TextTable.idl:123
sequence< com::sun::star::beans::PropertyValue > TableInteropGrabBag
Grab bag of table properties, used as a string-any map for interim interop purposes.
Definition: TextTable.idl:207
long Width
contains the absolute table width.
Definition: TextTable.idl:143
manages a text table.
Definition: XTextTable.idl:30