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TransliterationType.idl File Reference

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module  com
module  com::sun
module  com::sun::star
 the module com::sun::star is the root module of the UNO API.
module  com::sun::star::i18n
 Interface for internationalization.

Constant Groups

constants  com::sun::star::i18n::TransliterationType
 Bitmask transliteration types used with XTransliteration::getType() and XTransliteration::getAvailableModules() methods.


const short NONE = 0
const short ONE_TO_ONE = 1
 A transliteration module is ONE_TO_ONE if and only if it's mapping between characters is one to one like a-z to A-Z. More...
const short NUMERIC = 2
 A transliteration module can have attribute NUMERIC if it transliterates numbers in different languages like Chinese numbers to Arabic numbers and vice versa. More...
const short ONE_TO_ONE_NUMERIC = 3
 A transliteration module is ONE_TO_ONE_NUMERIC if it offers both one to one mapping and handles number also. More...
const short IGNORE = 4
 With a transliteration IGNORE case, the regular expression A-Z can be transformed to a-z, for example. More...
const short CASCADE = 8
 If the transliteration is cascaded (uses more than one algorithm). More...