LibreOffice 7.3 SDK API Reference
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1 /* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 4 -*- */
2 /*
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18  */
19 #ifndef __com_sun_star_inspection_XPropertyHandler_idl__
20 #define __com_sun_star_inspection_XPropertyHandler_idl__
32 module com { module sun { module star { module inspection {
34 interface XObjectInspectorUI;
35 interface XPropertyControlFactory;
51 {
75  any
76  getPropertyValue( [in] string PropertyName )
88  void
89  setPropertyValue( [in] string PropertyName, [in] any Value )
101  getPropertyState( [in] string PropertyName )
121  [in] string PropertyName,
122  [in] XPropertyControlFactory ControlFactory
123  )
150  any
152  [in] string PropertyName,
153  [in] any ControlValue
154  )
196  any
198  [in] string PropertyName,
199  [in] any PropertyValue,
200  [in] type ControlValueType
201  )
221  void
228  void
241  sequence< com::sun::star::beans::Property >
277  sequence< string >
295  sequence< string >
310  boolean isComposable( [in] string PropertyName )
370  [in] string PropertyName,
371  [in] boolean Primary,
372  [out] any outData,
373  [in] XObjectInspectorUI InspectorUI
374  )
403  void
405  [in] string ActuatingPropertyName,
406  [in] any NewValue,
407  [in] any OldValue,
408  [in] XObjectInspectorUI InspectorUI,
409  [in] boolean FirstTimeInit
410  )
437  boolean suspend( [in] boolean Suspend );
438 };
441 }; }; }; };
443 #endif
447 /* vim:set shiftwidth=4 softtabstop=4 expandtab: */
This exception is thrown when a proposed change to a property represents an unacceptable value.
Definition: PropertyVetoException.idl:35
This exception is thrown to indicate that the property name is unknown to the implementation.
Definition: UnknownPropertyException.idl:35
This exception is thrown when an application attempts to use NULL in a case where an object is requir...
Definition: NullPointerException.idl:37
is used to receive PropertyChangeEvents whenever a bound property is changed.
Definition: XPropertyChangeListener.idl:35
grants access to certain aspects of the user interface of an object inspector
Definition: XObjectInspectorUI.idl:45
a factory for XPropertyControls
Definition: XPropertyControlFactory.idl:34
is the basic interface for object inspection.
Definition: XPropertyHandler.idl:51
::com::sun::star::inspection::InteractiveSelectionResult onInteractivePropertySelection([in] string PropertyName, [in] boolean Primary, [out] any outData, [in] XObjectInspectorUI InspectorUI)
called when a browse button belonging to a property UI representation has been clicked
boolean isComposable([in] string PropertyName)
determines whether a given property, which the handler is responsible for, is composable.
sequence< string > getActuatingProperties()
retrieve the actuating properties which this handler is interested in
any getPropertyValue([in] string PropertyName)
retrieves the current value of a property
sequence< com::sun::star::beans::Property > getSupportedProperties()
returns the properties which the handler can handle
void setPropertyValue([in] string PropertyName, [in] any Value)
sets the value of a property
com::sun::star::beans::PropertyState getPropertyState([in] string PropertyName)
returns the state of a property
any convertToPropertyValue([in] string PropertyName, [in] any ControlValue)
converts a given control-compatible value to a property value
void inspect([in] com::sun::star::uno::XInterface Component)
binds the property handler to a new component
void actuatingPropertyChanged([in] string ActuatingPropertyName, [in] any NewValue, [in] any OldValue, [in] XObjectInspectorUI InspectorUI, [in] boolean FirstTimeInit)
updates the UI of dependent properties when the value of a certain actuating property changed
void addPropertyChangeListener([in] com::sun::star::beans::XPropertyChangeListener Listener)
registers a listener for notification about property value changes
boolean suspend([in] boolean Suspend)
suspends the handler
any convertToControlValue([in] string PropertyName, [in] any PropertyValue, [in] type ControlValueType)
converts a given property value to a control-compatible value
sequence< string > getSupersededProperties()
returns the properties which are to be superseded by this handler
LineDescriptor describePropertyLine([in] string PropertyName, [in] XPropertyControlFactory ControlFactory)
describes the UI to be used to represent the property
void removePropertyChangeListener([in] com::sun::star::beans::XPropertyChangeListener Listener)
revokes a listener for notification about property value changes
allows to explicitly free resources and break cyclic references.
Definition: XComponent.idl:43
base interface of all UNO interfaces
Definition: XInterface.idl:48
This enumeration lists the states that a property value can have.
Definition: PropertyState.idl:40
describes possible results of an interactive selection of a property value in an object inspector
Definition: InteractiveSelectionResult.idl:32
Definition: Ambiguous.idl:22
describes the appearance of a line representing a single property in an ObjectInspector.
Definition: LineDescriptor.idl:47