LibreOffice 6.2 SDK API Reference
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1 /* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 4 -*- */
2 /*
3  * This file is part of the LibreOffice project.
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5  * This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
6  * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
7  * file, You can obtain one at
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9  * This file incorporates work covered by the following license notice:
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11  * Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
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15  * License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file
16  * except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of
17  * the License at .
18  */
19 #ifndef __com_sun_star_document_Settings_idl__
20 #define __com_sun_star_document_Settings_idl__
26 module com { module sun { module star { module document {
40 published service Settings
41 {
47  // Note: These settings are global. However there is a note at
48  // every property that shows which application currently makes use
49  // of it.
51  // Writer and Draw/Impress and Calc
61  // Writer and Calc
67  [optional, property] short LinkUpdateMode;
69  // Writer and Draw/Impress and Calc
72  [property] string PrinterName;
74  // Writer and Draw/Impress and Calc
83  [property] sequence< byte > PrinterSetup;
85  // Writer and Draw/Impress and Calc
90  [optional, property] boolean IsKernAsianPunctuation;
92  // Writer and Draw/Impress and Calc
98  [optional, property] short CharacterCompressionType;
100  // Writer and Draw/Impress and Calc
104  [optional, property] boolean ApplyUserData;
106  // Writer and Calc
110  [optional, property] boolean SaveVersionOnClose;
112  // Writer and Draw/Impress and Calc
118  [optional, property] boolean UpdateFromTemplate;
120  // Writer
123  [optional, property] boolean FieldAutoUpdate;
125  // Writer
133  [optional, property] string CurrentDatabaseDataSource;
135  // Writer
139  [optional, property] string CurrentDatabaseCommand;
141  // Writer
142  // Note: What is the property DataTableName? Is this Writer-specific?
147  [optional, property] long CurrentDatabaseCommandType;
149  // Draw and Impress
152  [optional, property] long DefaultTabStop;
154  // Draw and Impress
164  [optional, property] boolean IsPrintBooklet;
166  // Draw and Impress
174  [optional, property] boolean IsPrintBookletFront;
176  // Draw and Impress
184  [optional, property] boolean IsPrintBookletBack;
186  // Draw and Impress
195  [optional, property] long PrintQuality;
197  // Draw and Impress
202  [optional, property] string ColorTableURL;
204  // Draw and Impress
207  [optional, property] string DashTableURL;
209  // Draw and Impress
212  [optional, property] string LineEndTableURL;
214  // Draw and Impress
217  [optional, property] string HatchTableURL;
219  // Draw and Impress
222  [optional, property] string GradientTableURL;
224  // Draw and Impress
227  [optional, property] string BitmapTableURL;
229  // Calc
232  [optional, property] boolean AutoCalculate;
234  // Writer, later others
240  [optional, property] short PrinterIndependentLayout;
242  // Writer, maybe later other applications, too
246  [optional, property] boolean AddExternalLeading;
248  // Writer, maybe later others
254  [optional, property] boolean EmbedFonts;
255  // Writer, maybe later others
261  [optional, property] boolean EmbedSystemFonts;
267  [optional, property] boolean EmbedOnlyUsedFonts;
273  [optional, property] short EmbedLatinScriptFonts;
279  [optional, property] short EmbedAsianScriptFonts;
285  [optional, property] short EmbedComplexScriptFonts;
286 };
289 }; }; }; };
291 #endif
293 /* vim:set shiftwidth=4 softtabstop=4 expandtab: */
boolean EmbedFonts
Whether to embed fonts used by the document (see e.g.
Definition: Settings.idl:254
short LinkUpdateMode
specifies the update mode for links when loading text documents.
Definition: Settings.idl:67
sequence< byte > PrinterSetup
platform and driver dependent printer setup data.
Definition: Settings.idl:83
string PrinterName
printer used by the document.
Definition: Settings.idl:72
boolean EmbedSystemFonts
Whether to embed also system fonts used by the document.
Definition: Settings.idl:261
boolean EmbedOnlyUsedFonts
Whether to embed only the fonts that are used in the document.
Definition: Settings.idl:267
long CurrentDatabaseCommandType
determines the interpretation of the property DataTableName.
Definition: Settings.idl:147
short EmbedAsianScriptFonts
Whether to embed Asian script fonts.
Definition: Settings.idl:279
Definition: Ambiguous.idl:22
boolean AutoCalculate
Definition: Settings.idl:232
string HatchTableURL
Definition: Settings.idl:217
short PrinterIndependentLayout
forbid use of printer metrics for layout
Definition: Settings.idl:240
short EmbedLatinScriptFonts
Whether to embed Latin script fonts.
Definition: Settings.idl:273
string DashTableURL
Definition: Settings.idl:207
boolean SaveVersionOnClose
specifies if a new version is created if a document has been modified and you want to close it...
Definition: Settings.idl:110
string CurrentDatabaseCommand
a string value, specifying the name of the object displayed currently (or the SQL statement used)...
Definition: Settings.idl:139
boolean IsPrintBookletBack
is only effective, if IsPrintBooklet is TRUE.
Definition: Settings.idl:184
string CurrentDatabaseDataSource
The name of the globally registered com::sun::star::sdb::DataSource from which the current data is ta...
Definition: Settings.idl:133
short EmbedComplexScriptFonts
Whether to embed Complex script fonts.
Definition: Settings.idl:285
long PrintQuality
how printing uses color.
Definition: Settings.idl:195
long DefaultTabStop
Definition: Settings.idl:152
short CharacterCompressionType
specifies the compression (character spacing) type used for Asian characters.
Definition: Settings.idl:98
string GradientTableURL
Definition: Settings.idl:222
boolean IsPrintBookletFront
is only effective, if IsPrintBooklet is TRUE.
Definition: Settings.idl:174
boolean AddExternalLeading
layout engine should add value of a Font&#39;s "external leading" attribute to the line spacing...
Definition: Settings.idl:246
com::sun::star::i18n::XForbiddenCharacters ForbiddenCharacters
gives access to the set of forbidden characters.
Definition: Settings.idl:44
boolean ApplyUserData
specifies if the user-specific settings saved within a document should be loaded with the document...
Definition: Settings.idl:104
boolean IsPrintBooklet
determines if the document will be printed as a booklet (brochure), i.e., two document pages are put ...
Definition: Settings.idl:164
describes properties that apply to the whole document of any application.
Definition: Settings.idl:40
provides information about and access to the properties from an implementation.
Definition: XPropertySet.idl:63
string BitmapTableURL
Definition: Settings.idl:227
boolean IsKernAsianPunctuation
specifies if kerning is applied to Asian punctuation.
Definition: Settings.idl:90
boolean UpdateFromTemplate
specifies if the document should be updated when the template it was created from changes...
Definition: Settings.idl:118
string LineEndTableURL
Definition: Settings.idl:212
provides access to forbidden character settings in a document.
Definition: XForbiddenCharacters.idl:38
string ColorTableURL
contains the URL that points to a color table (file extension .soc) that will be used for showing a p...
Definition: Settings.idl:202
boolean FieldAutoUpdate
specifies if fields in text documents are updated automatically.
Definition: Settings.idl:123