LibreOffice 7.3 SDK API Reference
XRepository Member List

This is the complete list of members for XRepository, including all inherited members.

createGraph([in] XURI GraphName)XRepository
destroyGraph([in] XURI GraphName)XRepository
exportGraph([in] short Format, [in] com::sun::star::io::XOutputStream OutStream, [in] XURI GraphName, [in] XURI BaseURI)XRepository
getGraph([in] XURI GraphName)XRepository
getStatements([in] XResource Subject, [in] XURI Predicate, [in] XNode Object)XRepository
importGraph([in] short Format, [in] com::sun::star::io::XInputStream InStream, [in] XURI GraphName, [in] XURI BaseURI)XRepository
queryAsk([in] string Query)XRepository
queryConstruct([in] string Query)XRepository
querySelect([in] string Query)XRepository