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RelOrientation.idl File Reference

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module  com
module  com::sun
module  com::sun::star
 the module com::sun::star is the root module of the UNO API.
module  com::sun::star::text
 Text specific interfaces.

Constant Groups

constants  com::sun::star::text::RelOrientation
 These values define the reference position of relative orientations.


const short FRAME = 0
 paragraph, including margins More...
const short PRINT_AREA = 1
 paragraph, without margins More...
const short CHAR = 2
 at a character More...
const short PAGE_LEFT = 3
 inside the left page margin More...
const short PAGE_RIGHT = 4
 inside the right page margin More...
const short FRAME_LEFT = 5
 inside the left paragraph margin More...
const short FRAME_RIGHT = 6
 inside the right paragraph margin More...
const short PAGE_FRAME = 7
 page includes margins for page-anchored frames identical with RelOrientation::FRAME More...
const short PAGE_PRINT_AREA = 8
 page without borders (for page anchored frames identical with RelOrientation::PRINT_AREA). More...
const short TEXT_LINE = 9
 at the top of the text line, only sensible for vertical orientation. More...
const short PAGE_PRINT_AREA_BOTTOM = 10
 Bottom page border (page area below PAGE_PRINT_AREA). More...
const short PAGE_PRINT_AREA_TOP = 11
 Top page border (page area above PAGE_PRINT_AREA). More...