LibreOffice 24.2 SDK API Reference
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18  */
21  module com { module sun { module star { module text {
26 published service TextGraphicObject
27 {
31  service BaseFrame;
39  [property] boolean ContentProtected;
44  [property] boolean SurroundContour;
48  [property] boolean ContourOutside;
59  [property] boolean HoriMirroredOnEvenPages;
62  [property] boolean HoriMirroredOnOddPages;
65  [property] boolean VertMirrored;
77  [property] string GraphicURL;
82  [property] string GraphicFilter;
90  [property] short AdjustLuminance;
94  [property] short AdjustContrast;
98  [property] short AdjustRed;
102  [property] short AdjustGreen;
106  [property] short AdjustBlue;
109  [property] double Gamma;
113  [property] boolean GraphicIsInverted;
117  [property] short Transparency;
126 };
129 }; }; }; };
131 /* vim:set shiftwidth=4 softtabstop=4 expandtab: */
com::sun::star::drawing::ColorMode GraphicColorMode
contains the ColorMode as com::sun::star::drawing::ColorMode.
Definition: TextGraphicObject.idl:120
com::sun::star::container::XIndexContainer ImageMap
returns the client-side image map if one is assigned to the object.
Definition: TextGraphicObject.idl:31
The ColorMode defines the output style of colors for a graphic.
Definition: ColorMode.idl:27
string GraphicFilter
contains the name of the filter of the background graphic of the object.
Definition: TextGraphicObject.idl:82
short AdjustLuminance
changes the display of the luminance.
Definition: TextGraphicObject.idl:90
boolean VertMirrored
determines if the object is mirrored vertically.
Definition: TextGraphicObject.idl:65
specifies a graphic which can be embedded in Text.
Definition: TextGraphicObject.idl:26
short AdjustBlue
changes the display of the blue color channel.
Definition: TextGraphicObject.idl:106
Definition: Ambiguous.idl:20
com::sun::star::text::GraphicCrop GraphicCrop
contains the cropping of the object.
Definition: TextGraphicObject.idl:55
short AdjustGreen
changes the display of the green color channel.
Definition: TextGraphicObject.idl:102
This interface acts as a container for the loaded graphic.
Definition: XGraphic.idl:37
specifies the base service of text frames, graphic objects, and embedded objects
Definition: BaseFrame.idl:26
com::sun::star::awt::Size ActualSize
contains the original size of the bitmap in the graphic object.
Definition: TextGraphicObject.idl:86
boolean GraphicIsInverted
determines if the graphic is display in inverted colors.
Definition: TextGraphicObject.idl:113
describes the cropping of graphic objects.
Definition: GraphicCrop.idl:40
com::sun::star::graphic::XGraphic Graphic
contains the background graphic of the object.
Definition: TextGraphicObject.idl:124
boolean ContourOutside
the text flows only around the contour of the object.
Definition: TextGraphicObject.idl:48
com::sun::star::drawing::PointSequenceSequence ContourPolyPolygon
contains the contour of the object as PolyPolygon.
Definition: TextGraphicObject.idl:51
boolean HoriMirroredOnEvenPages
determines if the object is horizontally mirrored on even pages.
Definition: TextGraphicObject.idl:59
string GraphicURL
contains the URL of the background graphic of the object
Definition: TextGraphicObject.idl:77
specifies the 2-dimensional size of an area using width and height.
Definition: Size.idl:27
short Transparency
contains percentage values between -100 and +100.
Definition: TextGraphicObject.idl:117
boolean HoriMirroredOnOddPages
determines if the object is horizontally mirrored on odd pages.
Definition: TextGraphicObject.idl:62
double Gamma
determines the gamma value of the graphic.
Definition: TextGraphicObject.idl:109
boolean SurroundContour
determines if the text wraps around the contour of the object.
Definition: TextGraphicObject.idl:44
This is the generic interface for supporting the insertion and removal of indexed elements...
Definition: XIndexContainer.idl:27
sequence< PointSequence > PointSequenceSequence
Definition: PointSequenceSequence.idl:23
boolean ContentProtected
determines if the content is protected against changes from the user interface.
Definition: TextGraphicObject.idl:39
short AdjustRed
changes the display of the red color channel.
Definition: TextGraphicObject.idl:98
short AdjustContrast
changes the display of contrast.
Definition: TextGraphicObject.idl:94